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  • Suspect peels off in Quebec police cruiser

    (CBC photo)Yes, there are certain vehicles that likely appeal to carjackers more than others.

    A Porsche, for instance, would be a much sexier ride in which to illegally tear down the streets than, say, a 1993 Dodge Caravan (with no offense intended to Dodge Caravans as they’re perfectly lovely vehicles that deserve our respect).

    The same works in reverse. There are also certain vehicles that carjackers and joyriders ­– or at least the ones who value their hide – know best to avoid.

    A police car, for instance, is a good example of such a vehicle.

    So you could argue that the assault suspect who allegedly peeled off in the police cruiser that responded to the distress call did not exactly help his cause by doing so.

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    As QMI Agency reports, provincial officers in L'Epiphanie, Que., a town about 50 km north of Montreal, showed up at a local home at 4 a.m. on Saturday after someone phoned in reporting an assault.

    But when

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  • Little girl finds teddy bear, gun inside donated Christmas gift

    Just when you thought the sickos who stick needles in Halloween candy had the lockdown on demented holiday behaviour, a real contender for the Christmas title has emerged in Harlem, N.Y.

    As the New York Post reports, eight-year-old Natasha Brunson opened a donated present on Christmas morning, only to find a handgun nestled underneath her new mama-and-baby teddy bear set.

    Natasha’s foster mother, Sheeba Anderson, had picked up two bags of wrapped gifts from a city church and taken them home to her six foster children at the Frederick Douglass Houses.

    Anderson told the paper that she was watching another child open a gift when Natasha pulled out the weapon initially thinking it was another toy.

    “I heard her say, ‘Look, Miss Sheeba, I found a gun!’ She was waving it around and playing with it.”

    Thankfully, the gun was inoperable. Anderson called the police, who soon established that the gun was unloaded, its serial number and firing pin removed.

    But before she let her foster children

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  • Gift wrapping creates sorting headache for waste plants

    In the mad rush to pile that present mountain under the tree in shiniest bows and ribbons, how many of us think about the waste we’re generating in the process?

    Because once the gifts have been unwrapped, the shiny bows and ribbons discarded into a green bag, even the most conscientious recyclers may inadvertently be creating a headache for the folks at the local waste management plant.

    As CBC reports, our collective recycling skills still need some refinement, particularly after the holidays. Many Canadians still haven’t mastered the difference between what gets recycled, what gets thrown in the trash and what gets sorted into compost – and this applies doubly to the discarded remains of our Christmas loot.

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    The news network spoke to Heather Myers, disposal manager at P.E.I.’s Island Waste Management Corporation, who said her employees tend to find themselves up to their ears in extra sorting at this time of year.

    While wrapping paper

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  • Turns out TSA screeners may be critiquing your physique after all

    U.S. Transportation Security Administration supervisor Nick Fox and another TSA employee demonstrate an advanced image technology (AIT) millimeter wave scanner.When your body passes through the TSA’s backscatter X-ray at the airport, dangly bits and all, it’s hard not to imagine that somewhere in the backroom, a team of agents is sitting around with a bowl of popcorn and openly critiquing your physique.

    “Could use a little more leg work at the gym,” one agent cracks to another. “Definitely. And time to lay off the carbs,” the other agent retorts as he stuffs a handful of popcorn in his mouth. And not just your body either. Everyone’s shape is up for debate in that moving assembly line of radiated boobs and butts.

    Of course, the truth is that TSA agents are trained to look for weapons, drugs and other things that should not be boarding a plane, and that’s likely where their eyes are focused. After a while they probably stop noticing the bodies that may or may not be attached to these items in the first place.

    In most cases anyway. Because as ABC News reports, an anonymous blogger claiming to be a former TSA screener says that while agents in

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  • Gaffe of the week: Zuckerbergs bitten by privacy breach

    The image Randi Zuckerberg posted to Facebook.

    Facebook’s perpetually shifting privacy regulations have mystified and angered users for years, and this month’s newest changes are certainly no exception.

    So it’s with some measure of schadenfreude that one of the website’s latest victims of privacy breach happened to be a member of Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg’s own family.

    As Gawker notes, Randi Zuckerberg, Mark’s older sister, posted a private holiday photo on her personal Facebook page.

    In the photo, members of the Zuckerberg clan are shown hanging out in the kitchen, jokingly reacting to Facebook’s new “Poke” app.

    The Facebook CEO can be seen smirking in the corner, a rare photographic glimpse of the notoriously private billionaire.

    [ Last week's gaffe: Instagram alienates its users with new terms of service ]

    Shortly thereafter, the photo appeared on Twitter thanks to high-profile tweeter Callie Schweitzer.

    Schweitzer is friends with Zuckerberg’s sister, Arielle, who happened to be tagged in the family snapshot. Facebook

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  • Bob, Norma Clark discover after 48 years they’re not legally married

    At least no one can say they didn’t give co-habitation a shot. Because after nearly 50 years of living together, Bob and Norma Clark finally made it legal.

    The problem is they thought they’d already taken care of that little detail almost half a century ago.

    When the couple from Redlands, California started collecting the paperwork to put toward the preparation of their respective wills, they requested a copy of their marriage certificate from the San Mateo County Hall of Records.

    But, as the Redlands Daily Facts reports, the pair learned the county had no record of their marriage. In fact, the Clarks had never been issued a marriage licence at all after their 1964 church wedding.

    According to NBC, the pastor who married them never returned the licence to the county records office.

    In bureaucracy speak, that roughly translates into: Whoops!

    [ More Daily Buzz: Taking out the trash, Canadian-style ]

    "They went back to the year 1956, but no record of our marriage could be found," Bob told

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  • Jason Festerman allegedly sprays ‘Liquid Ass’ at his son’s middle school

    Though they won’t reveal the ingredients in their secret recipe, the manufacturers of Liquid Ass promise their “power–packed, super–concentrated liquid begins to evaporate filling the air with a genuine, foul butt–crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh poo.”

    Sounds delish.

    And while this olfactory assault in a bottle may seem like the natural domain of 10-year-old boys, a Michigan father recently proved that you can be 10 years old and a biological adult at the same time when he was charged for allegedly spraying the stinky stuff inside his son’s school… immediately after the boy had been suspended for precisely the same activity.

    As Fox 2 reports, Jason Festerman was called in to Marine City Middle School to collect his Liquid Ass-spraying child.

    The boy admitted to releasing a stream of the foul-smelling spray both in the cafeteria and the classroom, causing disruptions that landed him in hot, hopefully cleansing, water.

    He said he had stolen the bottle from his parents’

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  • Beauty queen accused of causing massive power outage

    (Photo courtesy Las Cruces Police Department /Dona Ana County Detention Center)On Sunday Sarah J. Richardson channeled all her beauty pageant training into a radiant mug shot.

    Hours before, the reigning Miss Las Cruces, New Mexico, crowned just last month, had been arrested and charged with drunk driving after allegedly smashing her PT Cruiser into a light pole and knocking it over – a domino effect that resulted in a major area power outage.

    As ABC News reports, nearly 1,700 customers were plunged into darkness for several hours that not even a 1,000-watt smile could repair.

    Nearby hotels were forced to give thousands of dollars in refunds to angry customers and some have yet to repair all the electrical issues caused by the crash.

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    To make matters worse, hotels were packed with visitors in town for New Mexico State University’s commencement ceremony.

    But the crowning achievement of the night occurred when a number of cars that passed through the area of the accident got tangled in the

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  • Victory for McDonald’s employee fired for ‘liberal’ use of sprinkles

    (Photo courtesy McDonalds)When you think of “gross misconduct” on the job, what sorts of nefarious, underhanded activities come to mind?

    Funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars of employer funds into a private bank account is one example.

    Then there’s physically assaulting a co-worker on premises, which is also pretty solid grounds for dismissal.

    And as one McDonald’s employee recently learned, you don’t ever, ever get liberal-handed with the chocolate sprinkles.

    The perpetrator of this unthinkable act is a 19-year-old from West Wales in the United Kingdom named Sarah Finch.

    [ Related: McDonald’s fastest growing business hours are late night ]

    Finch had the audacity to give an extra topping on a McFlurry to a co-worker.

    Here’s how she tries to justify her gross misdeed: "There is no standard for such measures - they are always imprecise and will vary among customers,” she told the Telegraph.

    "My colleague had asked me: 'Make it a nice one'. So the measure I gave erred on the side of more than, rather than

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  • The most wonderful memes of the year, Algonquin College-style

    You may believe the Internet is a sophisticated network of binary codes and electrical signals but as we have all learned over the past decade, the World Wide Web is actually powered by memes.

    Specifically cat memes (always cat memes), but 2012 also provided a host of viral moments that extended into the realm of professional sports, politics and children’s television programming, just to name a few.

    And in order to capture these moments in one, meme-generated video, the talented students at Algonquin College’s Television Broadcasting program wrote and produced a three-plus minute holiday special entitled “The Most Wonderful Memes of the Year – 2012.”

    The video has already racked up several thousand views and has been featured on news sites and programs across the country, making it the closest thing to a meta-meme in recent memory.

    Yahoo! Year in Review:
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