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  • New York man buys cottage, discovers $30M of art in attic, garage

    In 2007, New Yorker Thomas Schultz and his business partner Lawrence Joseph bought a rundown cottage in Bellport, Long Island, for $300,000.

    Upon moving in, Schultz discovered thousands of paintings, drawings and journals by Arthur Pinajian, an obscure Armenian-American abstract impressionist, stashed away in the garage and attic.

    "It looked like a pile of junk, but on closer inspection I realized it was a vast body of work created by one artist over 60 years," Schultz told Pix11. "I knew right away I wasn’t going to throw that artwork into the dumpster, it was bad karma."

    Art appraiser Peter Hastings Falk valued the works at $30 million.

    $30 Million Worth Of Art Found In Garage

    "Pinajian, a former resident of the property who struggled to find success in the art world all his life, had instructed that the works be thrown away when he died. His wishes were ignored, and they remained gathering dust amid bugs, vermin and mould," the Telegraph reported.

    Falk told The Armenian Weekly:

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  • Tsunami boat washes ashore in B.C., connects two women across the globe

    A fishing boat lost in Japan's 2011 tsunami washed ashore on the British Columbia coast last summer.

    "We were just going out in the dinghy, touring around a bit, and I just glanced over at the beach, and I saw what I thought was an odd-shaped, an odd-coloured log," Jeanne Beaver, who found the boat near her 12-metre floating cabin where she lives with her husband, Rick, told CBC News.

    "I didn't really say anything to Rick, just kept going. And the next day, he went out by himself to take the dogs for a walk, and he came flying around the corner and, 'We've got a boat! We've got a boat!'"

    A federal fisheries officer visited a few days later to inspect the vessel and take pictures. Using the boat's registration number, the Department of Fisheries was able to trace the boat back to its owner.

    It wasn't long before the Beavers were informed of the good news: the fishing boat's owner survived the tsunami.

    "Thank goodness he was not harmed in Japan," Jeanne told the Vancouver Sun. "We were

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  • Baby born on packed commuter train, passengers burst into applause

    A routine evening commute from London to Kent, England, took a turn for the eventful yesterday when a passenger went into labour.

    The train was delayed as good Samaritans, an off-duty midwife, nurse and police officer, came to the woman's aid.

    Train conductor Colin Brooker told the Telegraph, "We had everyone we needed right there on the train. We were only missing a vicar to baptise the baby."

    After a labour that lasted just 15 minutes, Sonia Banks, 22, gave birth on the train one week early to a "perfectly healthy" 6-pound, 13-ounce baby girl. Her boyfriend, Allan Stanley, and his mother, Mari-anne Stanley, were traveling with her and witnessed the birth.

    Passengers erupted into cheers and applause at the news of the safe delivery. Some even tweeted their congratulations.

    "The baby is doing OK and has been named Phoebe," a spokesman for Southeastern, the rail company, said, adding that the transportation firm would be sending the new mom flowers.

    "The normal protocol for a medical

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  • ‘Dancing cows’ welcome spring with enthusiasm

    Earlier this week, a Shetland pony doing the moonwalk made us smile.

    Today, dancing cows are going viral. Only this time, the cows aren't digital creatures designed for an advertising campaign. These animals are just genuinely excited for spring.

    In the 2010 video which recently resurfaced on Reddit, Beemster cows in Holland leap for joy after being set out to pasture for the first time since their winter indoors.

    "This Dutch Groundhog Day signals the start to spring and is quite an experience to see as the cows literally run and jump with anticipation as they can now freely graze on the lush, untouched spring pastures of the Beemster polder," video uploader jktollmar wrote on YouTube.

    "Beemster Graskaas is a rare, extra smooth cheese made in April from the first milking of the cows as they leave the barn for the first time after the cold, windy winter. The milk taken during the first weeks of Spring is the creamiest and is used to create a special edition cheese to be released at the

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  • Puppy love: Kangaroo kisses canine friend

    We can't get enough of animal friendships here at the Lighter Side, especially sweet interspecies ones.

    Love Bug and Dozer are no exception.

    Western gray kangaroo Love Bug and a dog named Dozer have been raised together at the Exotic Experience sanctuary in Orlando, Florida. A video of Love Bug lavishing some adorable affection on a laid-back Dozer is now going viral.

    Watch the inter-species flirting below:

    Kangaroo and Dog Caught KissingIt's amazing to see two animals like this getting along so well. They even share a kiss!

    Owner Leslie Rush believes all of her animals at the sanctuary, including lemurs, a deer and a pig, think they're of the same breed.

    "They have all been brought up together, so get along like a big family," she told ninemsn.

    A spokesman from charity Save The Kangaroo spoke with the DailyMail, describing kangaroos are mild and loving animals.

    "Kangaroos are gentle, affectionate and inquisitive animals that love to know what is going on around them," he said.

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  • Little boy has inspirational message for 7-year-old awaiting kidney transplant

    Jack Scoble, 5, lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

    Last year, he received a kidney transplant.

    Now he's cheering on another youngster in need of a kidney across the globe.

    Jack's heartwarming messageA video message of support from five-year-old Gold Coast kidney patient Jack Scoble to a British boy seeking a transplant donor has made international headlines.

    Matthew Pietrzyk, 7, from Glenfield, Leicestershire, England, was born with congenital nephrotic syndrome, a rare genetic disorder often associated with kidney failure, in which the patient developes protein in the urine. He had both kidneys removed and is now enduring daily dialysis sessions.

    His mother, Nicola, launched a donor-awareness Facebook campaign in the hopes that her son would find a match.

    "You can live on dialysis for about 25 years, but I don't want Matthew to spend his childhood on dialysis," Matthew's mother, Nicola, tells the DailyMail. "Even if we don't get a donor for Matthew through this, just

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  • United Airlines holds flight for man rushing home to say goodbye to dying mother

    United Airlines recently held the connecting flight for a passenger trying to get home to his dying mother.

    The exceptional service earned the airline the Elliot Award for Excellent Customer Service.

    Kerry Drake was trying to get from San Francisco, California, to Lubbock, Texas, to see his mother before she died.

    To get there, he had to catch a connecting flight in Houston.

    "I knew this itinerary was a risk because the stopover in Houston was only about 40 minutes, and my connecting flight was the last flight to Lubbock that day," he said. "But I needed to get there as soon as possible, so I took the risk."

    Unfortunately for the hurried passenger, his San Francisco flight, Flight 667, was delayed, making his connecting flight seemingly impossible to make.

    Flight attendants aboard the San Francisco flight, Sofia Lares and Lan Chung, did their best to comfort Drake — and relayed the number of the connecting flight to the captain.

    By the time Flight 667 landed, the connecting flight

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  • Golden Retriever finds family’s missing second dog in a drain pipe

    A Golden Retriever named Bojangles came to the rescue last week.

    Bojangles' owners' other dog, a German Shepherd named Katie, went missing last Friday in rural North Carolina.

    "Katie disappeared from my parents’ house around noon on Friday. She rarely even leaves the yard, so for her not to show up after a few hours was cause for alarm," wrote Redditor Hoodooz39, the dog owners' daughter. "My mom, dad, husband and I spent hours riding the rural roads around our house, calling and calling for her. We had a false sighting several miles away, so we spent hours there as well. We have 40 acres on our property, most of it overgrown woods. We spent hours in those woods searching and calling."

    Thirty hours passed with no signs of Katie anywhere.

    Late Saturday afternoon, Hoodooz39's kids and their friends went for a walk with Bojangles. Instead of taking their usual route to a creek and back, the kids and the dog walked through the woods.

    "As they walked home, Bojangles ran to the drainage pipe

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  • Nebraska man bets 20 cents at the slots, wins $1,006

    Jacob Goertzen, 22, arrived at Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa, from Lincoln, Nebraska, for his friend's 21st birthday. He gave himself a strict gambling budget: $120.

    When he was down to his last $3, the frugal gambler bet the lowest amount possible at the slots: 20 cents.

    "I bet 20 cents because it was the lowest bet and I had $3 left. I just hit random buttons and at first I was looking at the screen like, ‘Did I just win this?'" he told HuffPost.

    He won $1,006.

    "I was flipping out! it was flashing on the screen and saying call an attendant...but I didn't want to leave the machine so I yelled at my friend to find one, I then realized there was a button I could press," he wrote on Reddit.

    He posted a photo of himself holding his winnings on imgur.

    Goertzen stayed true to his financially responsible ways and held onto his newfound wealth — after winning $350 more.

    "No did not lose it at the buffet, and after that I made 350 more's currently sitting in my savings

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  • Cincinnati zoo workers dress and act like gorillas to help abandoned baby

    Baby Gladys was abandoned by her mom.

    Humans to be Cincinnati Zoo gorilla baby's mother for now Getting the Cincinnati Zoo's latest baby used to its new home will turn out to be a group effort.

    A team of up to 10 Cincinnati Zoo workers are doing their best to fill the maternal position and adjust the young gorilla to a new home by wearing all black, grunting affectionately and imitating adult gorillas. Soon they'll graduate to wearing hairy vests and kneepads and gloves, carrying the baby gorilla on their backs as they knuckle-walk and climb trees.

    The workers work in 8-hour shifts to ensure Gladys, who is alert, curious and is gaining weight quickly, has 24-hour companionship.

    "This will certainly be a labor of love," said Thane Maynard, Executive Director of the Cincinnati Zoo. "We will have a surrogacy team, made up of 7-10 staff members, who will be hand-rearing the infant 24/7 until we can safely introduce her to a gorilla surrogate mom. This is such a huge responsibility and

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