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  • Injured dog heading to Canada for reconstructive face surgery

    Tyson, while still able to eat, requires more extensive surgery to fully recover. (CBC/Graham Thatcher)Tyson, while still able to eat, requires more extensive surgery to fully recover. (CBC/Graham Thatcher)

    After an unfortunate accident with a machete, Tyson the beagle-mix is finally getting the surgery he needs.

    According to Life with Dogs, Tyson was in a field with his owner, who was clearing debris with a machete. Unfortunately Tyson got too close, and got a major gash across his snout. The incident happened a year ago, and while Tyson is still able to eat and breath, his nasal passage is exposed when he chews, which remains a concern for his owner.

    Tyson's story drew the attention of Canadian veterinarian Graham Thatcher, who specializes in dentistry at his practice in Ottawa.

    "I'd love to be able to help this dog," Thatcher said in an interview with The Ottawa Sun, but unfortunately, the biggest problem Tyson faced was the logistics of getting from Nicaragua to Canada.

    Thatcher and his partner Andrea White originally booked with United Airlines for a flight from Nicaragua to Canada, but when United found out about Tyson's condition, they denied the dog boarding, because of concerns

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  • We've seen plenty of dancing cops before, but this may be the first dancing RCMP officer we've come across!

    An RCMP officer in uniform is seen dancing with a young boy to Silento's "Watch Me (Whip Nae Nae) in this video, uploaded by user Loristubeful.

    If you go through Loristubeful's first "My Dancing Mountie" video, the reason for the latest video starts to make sense. Here's the write-up on the first video she published:

    "We have recently been transferred to a new town," she writes. "Our children are feeling like they don't fit in at school, there has been lots of tears. We started having after school dance parties to give our children something to look forward to at the end of their school day. Typically we are all danced out by the time daddy gets home...except for yesterday. My husband danced his way into the house, out of his coat, and to the dance floor (which is just a subfloor as we are doing renovations)."

    While Yahoo Canada has yet to confirm the veracity of the

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  • Soon, you'll be able to find Pokemon in the real world


    It's been nearly 20 years since many of us decided we wanted to grow up to become Pokemon Masters, and while I'm still working on achieving that dream, a new Pokemon game may bring us that one step closer.

    The Pokemon Company, in partnership with Nintendo and Niantic, have announced a new game coming to iOS and Andriod in 2016: Pokemon GO. Using your phone's camera and GPS technology, players seek out Pokemon in real-world environments by holding up their phone. If you're in the right spot, a Pokemon will appear on screen, and you can catch them using virtual Poke Balls, the team explained in their announcement.

    The name you may be least familiar with behind this game is Niantic; they've got a track record for this kind of thing, having released Ingress, another game that uses augmented reality, in 2012.

    If you're in need of even more Pokemon gear (and really, who isn't?), the Pokemon Go Plus will also be released with a smartwatch-style wristband. When a wild Pokemon is near, the

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  • Jean Chretien is seen waiting to water ski in a screengrab from YouTube.Jean Chretien is seen waiting to water ski in a screengrab from YouTube.

    As we kick off the longest election season in modern Canadian history, former prime minister Jean Chretien has to feel a little relief the only things he's kicking off are water skis.

    In a video uploaded to YouTube on Aug. 3, Chretien is shown zipping around the lake on two skis, then dropping one about halfway through and continuing to ski on just one.

    The video was uploaded by Steven Hogue, a member of Chretien's personal staff, according to Canoe, whose YouTube videos seem to be limited explicitly to Chretien doing various sports; he also has a clip of Chretien wakeboarding in 2013, and downhill skiing the same year.

    Chretien underwent quadruple bypass surgery in 2007, and had a subdermal hematoma (when blood puts pressure between the skull and the brain) removed in 2010.

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  • Left: Chanel White, Right: Lisa Goodman-Helfand (supplied)Left: Chanel White, Right: Lisa Goodman-Helfand (supplied)

    Lisa Goodman-Helfand has dealt with some hardships as a result of her scleroderma, but she wasn’t expecting rejection by Facebook for the appearance of her face to be one of them.

    Scleroderma, a chronic condition that causes the skin and connective tissues in the body to harden and contract, is a topic that the Chicago-area blogger is well versed in, as she has been dealing with it personally for 30 years.

    Goodman-Helfand writes about scleroderma as well as body image, confidence and more on her blog Comfortable In My Thick Skin. In a recent post titled ‘You Won’t Believe the Story Behind These Two Faces,’ she showcased another woman who was living with scleroderma.

    “I’d written an article about myself and another woman, Chanel White,” Goodman-Helfand explained to Yahoo Canada. “The point was to illustrate that can someone can look perfectly healthy, but also be facing life-threatening health issues, while someone who doesn’t look healthy… can actually be much better off.”


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  • What do you do after leading a year-long mission on the International Space Station?

    That’s the question Col. Chris Hadfield wrestled with when he returned to Earth after his time spent as the first Canadian Commander of the ISS.

    Hadfield and his son, Evan, discussed at length what could possibly live up to the experience of being an astronaut as Chris settled in to retirement.

    “Once you’re retired, now what to you do?” Evan Hadfield said to Yahoo Canada. “It’s a pretty big leap to go from astronaut to… well, anything else.”

    Chris and Evan have managed to find lots of ways to keep busy – Evan is working with his father on launching an album and book later this year – but one of their latest projects has Evan over the moon.

    Starting this fall, Evan will be working with his dad and a small team to launch a YouTube show titled “It’s Not Rocket Science,” a combination of science and comedy that he hopes will appeal to people around the world.

    “It’s almost like Bill Nye meets Inspector

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  • A Canadian flag is passed along fans during the B.C Lions game July 10, 2015. (Reuters)A Canadian flag is passed along fans during the B.C Lions game July 10, 2015. (Reuters)

    A new study on the world’s most reputable countries has placed Canada in the top spot.

    The Reputation Institute, a global research and advisory firm for reputation, studied the reputation of 55 countries by interviewing 80,000 people around the world on their quality of life, quality of institutions like government, and the level of development as it related to the economy.

    Here are the top 20 countries:

    1. Canada
    2. Norway
    3. Sweden
    4. Switzerland
    5. Australia
    6. Finland
    7. New Zealand
    8. Denmark
    9. Netherlands
    10. Belgium
    11. Ireland
    12. Austria
    13. UK
    14. Italy
    15. Germany
    16. Japan
    17. Spain
    18. Portugal
    19. France
    20. Singapore

    This isn’t the first time Canada has made it to the top of the list, either. In 2011, Canada beat out the other nations in reputation, and stayed there in 2012 and 2013. It dipped to second in 2014 before moving back to top spot this year.

    Notably absent from the top 20 is the United States; the U.S. ranked 22nd in the listing. The Reputation Institute

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  • The photo of the letter and offensive decorations, posted to Facebook.The photo of the letter and offensive decorations, posted to Facebook.

    What does $20,000 worth of ‘relentlessly gay’ décor look like?

    Thanks to a mean-spirited letter which has inspired a GoFundMe campaign, we may soon find out.

    Julie Baker of Baltimore, Md. says she received a note from her neighbour in response to a row of rainbow solar lamp jars in her front yard, which have “Love” and “Ohana” (Hawaiian for family) written on them.

    It reads:

    Your yard is becoming Relentlessly Gay! Myself and Others in the neighborhood ask that you Tone it Down. This is a Christian area and there are Children. Keep it up and I will be forced to call the police on You! Your kind need to have Respect for GOD.

    The letter was posted to Facebook (along with a photo of the jars) by a friend of Baker’s. Since the post went up Wednesday night, it has touched a nerve online and inspired everything from a Relentlessly Gay website, t-shirts, plans for a Relentlessly Gay Garden Party (with kid-friendly ideas, of course) and the GoFundMe page, intended to raise money for more

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  • Kita no Taiko performance at Edmonton's Heritage Days festival (Flickr/Kurt Bauschardt)Kita no Taiko performance at Edmonton's Heritage Days festival (Flickr/Kurt Bauschardt)

    The people of Edmonton can hold their heads a little higher this summer, knowing that their city has been picked by a world-renowned publication as one of the top places to visit this year.

    National Geographic released a list of Best Summer Trips 2015, including several well-known international travel hotspots: Machu Picchu in Peru, Jeju Island in South Korea, and Athens in Greece all make the list of 11 recommendations. And right along with them? Edmonton in Alberta, Canada.

    “Edmonton is welcoming the world this summer,” writes National Geographic travel writer Maryellen Kennedy Duckett. “The Festival City is hosting a series of international events, including the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015 (June 6-July 4) and the Edmonton Folk Music Festival (August 6-9). Multicultural artworks, crafts, performances, and foods representing more than 85 nations will be featured at the Edmonton Heritage Festival (August 1-3).”

    In addition to the festivals, Duckett highlights the

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