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  • Worst passwords of 2013 include a new top no-no

    It seems that every year, despite warnings from security experts, we see people getting their account hacked or taken over because of easy-to-crack passwords. Just like setting the PIN number on your debit card to “0000” is a terrible idea, so is using an easy, largely impersonal password.

    Security firm SplashData has released its annual list of the worst passwords to have, based on them being the most popularly-used passwords. The firm takes stolen passwords that have been posted online over the course of the year, and assembles a list of the 25 most frequently appearing passwords.

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    (Image from SplashData)

    This year’s results are somewhat skewed, PC World explains, on account of the massive data breach of Adobe login information in October 2013. The rise in popularity of “123456,” this year’s new most-common password, could be at least somewhat attributed to almost 100 million of the Adobe accounts being test accounts or inactive, which may skew its

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  • Must-see videos of the week: Jan. 12-18

    Take some time to appreciate the many hobbies of people online this week. Some love to sing. Others are great comedians. And some people collect strange things — like Gatorade. See all that and more in this week's must-see videos:

    Whether or not you believe in psychics, after watching this video, you'll have to take your next supernatural encounter with a grain of salt. Comedian Harrison Greenbaum approaches tourists and convinces them he has psychic powers that allow him to commune with the dead.

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    This poor man is being forced to part with his beloved collection of Gatorade flavours and he decided to film the sad occasion. Towards the end, you can see him get quite emotional about giving up his favourites — and his buddy thinks it's a riot.

    It'd be tough for most singers to compete with the musical stylings of stage and screen star Idina Menzel, so for someone so young to take on a big song like Let It Go from the new

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  • Fears over NSA spying have prompted people around the world to think about security differently, whether it be petitioning for companies to better secure their data or changing the information they share online. In particular, security around smartphones has been of great concern, as people increasingly surf the web, make calls and send messages from their mobile devices.

    An international group of privacy enthusiasts have come together to create Blackphone, a smartphone that claims it will help to better protect your information.

    Mashable writes that Blackphone is the brainchild of Silent Circle and Geekosphere, with participation from big players in the fight for information privacy and computer security. Phil Zimmermann, creator of data encryption protocol PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), is one of the minds behind the device.

    “Blackphone provides users with everything they need to ensure privacy and control of their communications, along with all the other high-end smartphone features they

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  • Kiwi Wearables Technologies Logo.Wearable technology was everywhere at last week’s Consumer Electronics Expo (CES), but there was one device that seemed to stand out for numerous tech journalists.

    PC Mag, Gizmag and Mobile Syrup all sang the praises of the Kiwi Move lifestyle tracker as one of the most underrated and forward-thinking products of this year’s CES. If it works as promised, it could replace many of the fitness trackers currently flooding the market, plus some of the functions you’ve come to rely on your smartphone for.

    Debuted at CES, the Kiwi Move is a small, approximately 1-inch square device that clips to your clothing and tracks an assortment of aspects of your life. It measures sleep, activity, and steps walked, much like the other fitness trackers from FitBit, Jawbone and Nike. But unlike the fitness trackers, the Kiwi Move features an open API that would allow it to control just about any device which can receive instructions from the Internet or a smartphone, CBC reports.

    "It goes so much farther

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  • Must-See Videos of the Week: January 11

    With so much wild weather happening this week, it's not surprising that some of it features prominently in our weekly video round up. There's extreme cold in North America, plus some insane waves in the U.K. Throw in a powerful PSA and a and you've got our Must-See Videos of the week:

    It takes a lot of time to perfect the art of 'Shmallowing,' when one catches a projectile marshmallow in one's mouth. Chase Margruder and his friends in Minnesota and Wisconsin spent two years perfecting the art, and another year to capture its mastery in this video. If you don't have three years of your life to devote to shmallowing, you can settle for watching Chase and his buddies display their mastery.

    All across the U.K. this week, coastal towns experienced flooding from storms and high tides. In the Welsh town of Aberystwyth, seen in this video, you can see just how dramatic the weather was, and why the seafront properties had to be evacuated.

    There's nothing like a good

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  • (Screengrab from YouTube)

    Turns out, to the great shock of nobody, that pizza and gaming are indeed a perfect pair.

    Restaurant chain Pizza Hut says that in the first four months of its ordering app being available on the Xbox 360, it received $1 million in orders.

    In an interview with Polygon, Pizza Hut’s director of public relations Doug Terfehr called the app "a source of unbelievable growth" for the chain.

    "Just the explosion of people who wanted to download it, experiment with it, play with it with Kinect," Terfehr said. "As soon as we did one, everyone was contacting us to do the next [one]."

    Currently, the app is only available in the U.S. and for Xbox Live Gold members on the Xbox 360, but the company is looking to eventually expand into other markets, and onto other consoles. Right now, its focus is on improving its iOS and Android mobile ordering experiences, bringing them more in line with the Xbox version of the ordering interface.

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  • CES 2014: Liveblog of Marissa Mayer’s keynote

    Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is delivering a keynote address at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Follow her keynote live here, starting at 3:30 p.m. EST.

    For full coverage of this year's CES, be sure to check out our CES 2014 page:

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  • More than 300 Australian sharks are now on Twitter

    It seems like everyone has a Twitter account these days, right? You can now add 338 sharks in Australia to that growing list.

    The government tagged the sharks with acoustic transmitters to track where the animals are, in order to help reduce the number of fatal shark attacks in the country, NPR reports. There have been more fatal shark attacks in Australia than in any other country since 2011, a total of six, making it a real problem that needs to be addressed.

    Instead of issuing a warning to bathers of a shark in the water through traditional means, the sharks will ‘tweet’ when they approach within a half-mile of the beach. The transmitters send out information to the Surf Life Saving Western Australia Twitter feed including the approximate location along with the shark’s size and breed.

    “Now it’s instant information,” Chris Peck of Surf Life Saving Western Australia told Sky News. “And really people don’t have an excuse to say we’re not getting the information. It’s about whether you

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  • Tumblr inspirations come from many strange places. For Danielle Bruckman, it all started with the loss of her iPhone.

    Last year, on New Year’s Day, Bruckman discovered her iPhone was missing, but didn’t know where she had lost it. It ended up in the possession of a mustachioed stranger, with a particular affinity for selfies. It also appears he wasn’t particularly tech-savvy, as he never bothered to turn off the cloud sync Bruckman had set up on her phone. So now, all his photos get synced with her iCloud account.

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    It’s hardly the first time a new iPhone owner has neglected to disconnect the previous owner’s iCloud account. A man who had his iPad stolen in 2012 attempted to retrieve it by posting photos of the new owners, received through his iCloud account, online. But Bruckman has taken a more laid-back approach, opting to simply recreate some of the gentleman’s selfies on her Tumblr My Cloud Pal.

    (Screengrab from My Cloud Pal)

    With an assortment

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  • In journalism school, reporters are taught not to get involved with the people they write about, in order to remain impartial. Boston Globe reporter Billy Baker went against that notion, and made a world of difference in the lives of two boys because of it.

    Almost exactly two years ago to the day, the Globe published a story by Baker on George and Johnny Huynh, two teen boys in Boston who were the sons of Vietnamese immigrants and dealing with incredible challenging living conditions. Initially, Baker followed the boys for the story, but after it went to print, he stayed in their lives as a friend and mentor, as their own mother was often unable to provide them the help they needed.

    After two years of giving the boys emotional and financial support, Baker got some very exciting news in regards to George’s academic future, in the face of having the odds against him. Baker was so overcome with emotion, he took to Twitter to share the story with his followers:

    The response to Baker and

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