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  • As the snow comes down in Atlantic Canada and along the Eastern Seaboard, people are taking advantage of all that white stuff to get a little creative. Many have taken to Twitter and Reddit to share some of their amazing snow creations, and a few definitely deserve special mention:

    (Schaffer Art Studios/Facebook)(Schaffer Art Studios/Facebook)

    This creation courtesy of Schaffer Art Studios just goes to show you the amazing stuff you can do with snow and a little food dye.


    Star Wars fans whose minds drift to the ice-planet Hoth when they see a winter wonderland will be even more confused when they see this Tauntaun created out of snow. It's unclear how warm it is when you cut it open to sleep inside, however.


    Art student Sunima shared this snow dragon, created earlier in January with fellow art student JonarMS, on Devianart. Sunima said that the pair would have done more had the snow not been melting.


    While not a sculpture, Reddit user plebian_lifestyle spotted some strange faces in the aftermath of the snow. No mention of whether Pac-Man was

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  • Airpnp, the app that lets you use a stranger's bathroom

    There's nothing worse than going out for the day in a big city like Toronto or New York City, only to find yourself needing to answer the call of nature without a public bathroom in sight.

    Unless you have the supernatual abilities of George Costanza to know all the best public bathrooms in any given area*, you may be interested in this unusual app: Airpnp, a service that, for a fee, lets you use the private facilities of someone in the area.

    As the name suggests, it's modeled after Airbnb, a service that connects people willing to offer accomodations with people willing to stay in those accomodations, for a charge.

    With Airpnp, however, many opt to charge very little, or waive the fee altogether.

    “It’s like a pay-it-forward," Duncan, a worker at an office with an Airpnp bathroom in New York City, told The New York Post. "There’s going to be some time in our life when we really need to go, and it would be really nice for someone to lend you their potty.”

    Currently there aren't many

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  • Ship glitter to people you hate with new online service

    Two Chinese singers stand on glitter during celebrations of the Chinese New Year in Chinatown. (Getty Images)Two Chinese singers stand on glitter during celebrations of the Chinese New Year in Chinatown. (Getty Images)

    Need an elaborate way to annoy co-workers and aggravate neighbours?

    Why not pay an Australian company to send glitter to them through the mail?

    Ship Your Enemies Glitter is a website that, for $9.99 AUD (approximately $9.75 CAD), will send an envelope full of glitter to whomever you choose.

    The website  which appears to be legitimate promises the victim person of your choice will receive an envelope containing glitter and a note, explaining what they did to deserve to have such a fate inflicted upon them.

    They also say that the note will also contain glitter, so when the recipient opens in, the glitter is guaranteed to go everywhere.

    According to the website, the founder was inspired to start the service after receiving one too many cards from distant relatives with glittery decor. Open the card, make contact, and bam, glitter on your hands and clothes for days. And that one sparkle you accidentally wipe on your face? Sorry, that's basically there until you're dead, because no

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  • (Cartoon by Wes Tyrell)(Cartoon by Wes Tyrell)

    The shooting of 12, including an editor and cartoonist, at the offices of a satirical newspaper in Paris, France, has shaken people around the world, but has struck a particular chord with editorial cartoonists.

    On Jan. 7, after the news of the shooting at the Charlie Hebdo offices broke, many of those cartoonists responded in the best way they knew how: With their own cartoons sharing their feelings about the incident.

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  • Canadians poised to get more choice in mobile phone service

    The government announced today it would be auctioning off more of the wireless spectrum and reserving a portion for smaller companies

    (Reuters photo)(Reuters photo)

    Finally, there’s some good news for Canadians on the telecom front.

    Minister of Industry James Moore announced today that the wireless spectrum in Canada is being expanded and opened up to more competition.

    He said in Vancouver today that the government will be making more of the spectrum available via auction to companies – 60 per cent more, in fact.

    “Spectrum is essential to power our wireless devices, and our government is making it more available than ever before,” Moore said in a press release. “The end result is that Canadians will benefit from more competition, lower prices and better service in our wireless sector. The Harper Government is committed to delivering competitively-priced wireless services on the latest technologies.”

    In order to open up the market to more than the three main players in the Canadian telecom scene, 25 per cent of the available wireless spectrum will be reserved for telecom companies outside of the “big three.”

    “That 25 per cent is a real key

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  • Screengrabs of YouTube video showing a monk slapping a man on a train.Screengrabs of YouTube video showing a monk slapping a man on a train.

    All travellers know that navigating different cultures can often be a daunting task. Knowing the customs, the language and when you're at risk of offending someone are all key when living abroad.

    Take for instance this man living in Thailand, identified only as "Jeff," who had an unfortunate run-in with a monk. In an altercation caught on video, a monk is seen slapping Jeff hard across the face.

    According to Pui Pupriew, the person who allegedly filmed the incident on a train in early December and posted it to social media, the monk thought Jeff had called him a rude name, and retaliated.

    While it is not completely clear what transpired beforehand (no pun intentended), English language local news site Bangkok Coconut attempts to shed some light on the incident. They report that two women asked Jeff to give up his seat on the train and sit next to the monk instead, since women are forbidden from having physical contact with the monks. Jeff obliged, and moved across the train car to

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  • In every tragic situation, we consistently see a few things emerge: Heroes and villains, discussions of who did the right things and who could have done things better.

    And, increasingly, we're seeing photos of people snapping photos of themselves near the scene.

    It seems to be a regular occurence now that we see people taking pictures (or, heaven forbid, selfies) near the scene of an accident or crisis. And evidently, the Sydney hostage situation that recently came to an end is no different.

    Related story:

    Plane crashes off runway, evacuees take opportunity to Instagram, tweet selfies

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  • Zuckerberg said Thursday that Facebook was thinking about adding a “dislike” button. (Business Insider)Zuckerberg said Thursday that Facebook was thinking about adding a “dislike” button. (Business Insider)

    It's long been the request of Facebook users, and now, it looks like they could soon be getting their wish: Mark Zuckerberg is considering options that essentially give users the ability to 'dislike' posts on the site.

    At a  public question-and-answer session in California on Thursday, the Facebook CEO was asked if the company would ever consider rolling out a 'dislike' button for posts. Zuckerberg said it's a problem they've wrestled with in the past, Venturebeat reports, as they acknowledge not all posts merit a 'like' in support; if a Facebook friend posts sad news, for example, and friends want to offer a simple show of support, a 'like' seems inappropriate, but commenting brings in the more complex issue of saying the right thing.

    But Zuckerberg elaborated that while it's been considered, he doesn't think it would have a very positive effect on the community, or the world in general.

    "The like button is valuable because it’s a quick way to share a positive sentiment," Zuckerberg

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  • Farmer serenades cows with 'Jingle Bells' on trombone

    You've probably heard 'Jingle Bells' enough times this year to be sick of it already, but these cows clearly still appreciate it, especially when performed on trombone.

    'Famer Derek' has returned to YouTube with a song of the season, and it looks like his cows really dig it. Previously, Derek Klingenberg serenaded his cows with a cover of 'Royals' by Lorde.

    Just like his last video, when Klingenberg starts playing that trombone, cows come running. And when they get there, they even get a special treat (in addition to the music): Popcorn!

    If you're wondering, yes, Kingenberg is indeed a real farmer. He grew up in Kansas and went to school for agriculture, where he also sang in the choir and played trombone in the marching band. 'Farmer Derek' started Klingenberg Farms Studios in Kansas a couple of years ago, and makes parody videos for his YouTube channel.

    The cow-summoning is just something he does on the side.

    Watch another farmer with an odd hobby:

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  • This is one trip to the beach this family will never forget.

    A group in Cape Town, South Africa was spending a day at the beach when one of them spotted a shark on the beach — dead, but something inside was moving.

    According to Live Leak, the family approached the shark, one with a knife to open the pregnant shark's belly, another filming the event. When they cut open the shark, they discovered three shark pups, alive inside the mother's belly.

    The man doing the cutting is clearly hesitant to handle the pups; unsurprising, since sharks are born with a full set of teeth. And there's no need to worry about the baby sharks swimming off into the ocean without their mother, eithter. Once a shark is born, it swims away from its mother to fend for itself. Thanks to this group of curious beachgoers, three lives really were saved on the beach that day.

    We couldn't agree more with the person overheard at the end of this video: "I think that is the coolest thing I have ever seen."

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