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  • Zuckerberg said Thursday that Facebook was thinking about adding a “dislike” button. (Business Insider)Zuckerberg said Thursday that Facebook was thinking about adding a “dislike” button. (Business Insider)

    It's long been the request of Facebook users, and now, it looks like they could soon be getting their wish: Mark Zuckerberg is considering options that essentially give users the ability to 'dislike' posts on the site.

    At a  public question-and-answer session in California on Thursday, the Facebook CEO was asked if the company would ever consider rolling out a 'dislike' button for posts. Zuckerberg said it's a problem they've wrestled with in the past, Venturebeat reports, as they acknowledge not all posts merit a 'like' in support; if a Facebook friend posts sad news, for example, and friends want to offer a simple show of support, a 'like' seems inappropriate, but commenting brings in the more complex issue of saying the right thing.

    But Zuckerberg elaborated that while it's been considered, he doesn't think it would have a very positive effect on the community, or the world in general.

    "The like button is valuable because it’s a quick way to share a positive sentiment," Zuckerberg

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  • Farmer serenades cows with 'Jingle Bells' on trombone

    You've probably heard 'Jingle Bells' enough times this year to be sick of it already, but these cows clearly still appreciate it, especially when performed on trombone.

    'Famer Derek' has returned to YouTube with a song of the season, and it looks like his cows really dig it. Previously, Derek Klingenberg serenaded his cows with a cover of 'Royals' by Lorde.

    Just like his last video, when Klingenberg starts playing that trombone, cows come running. And when they get there, they even get a special treat (in addition to the music): Popcorn!

    If you're wondering, yes, Kingenberg is indeed a real farmer. He grew up in Kansas and went to school for agriculture, where he also sang in the choir and played trombone in the marching band. 'Farmer Derek' started Klingenberg Farms Studios in Kansas a couple of years ago, and makes parody videos for his YouTube channel.

    The cow-summoning is just something he does on the side.

    Watch another farmer with an odd hobby:

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  • This is one trip to the beach this family will never forget.

    A group in Cape Town, South Africa was spending a day at the beach when one of them spotted a shark on the beach — dead, but something inside was moving.

    According to Live Leak, the family approached the shark, one with a knife to open the pregnant shark's belly, another filming the event. When they cut open the shark, they discovered three shark pups, alive inside the mother's belly.

    The man doing the cutting is clearly hesitant to handle the pups; unsurprising, since sharks are born with a full set of teeth. And there's no need to worry about the baby sharks swimming off into the ocean without their mother, eithter. Once a shark is born, it swims away from its mother to fend for itself. Thanks to this group of curious beachgoers, three lives really were saved on the beach that day.

    We couldn't agree more with the person overheard at the end of this video: "I think that is the coolest thing I have ever seen."

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  • Every December, it seems like more and more companies are fighting to look the most charitable in their holiday PR pushes.

    But if people really are benefiting from that charity, it's hard to really complain.

    Air Canada has just shared its heartwarming charitable act for this holiday season, in the form of its new video "Gift of Home for the Holidays."

    Air Canada representatives visited a Canadian ex-pat bar in London, England, and surprised all the Canadians there with round-trip flights back home for the holiday season.

    The video clearly struck a chord with some ex-pats living overseas, who wished they could have been the lucky ones heading back to Canada:

    And some

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  • This short film posted earlier in the month has found renewed interest online, as Americans sit down to enjoy their Thanksgiving meals. It's a common problem for most families, having one or more family members checking (and responding to) messages at the table.

    Posted earlier November, it's the work of filmmaker Matthew Abeler, who featured his parents in this video about knowing when to put down the technology. It quickly gained traction after being shared by Ashton Kutcher to his Facebook followers, along with widespread coverage from numerous other media outlets.

    Do you have rules for tech at the dinner table? Think this dad's unconventional solution could work for you?


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  • (Photo credit: Imgur)(Photo credit: Imgur)

    Ahh, young love. When your heart is all aflutter, and saying "I love you" is as simple as letting the one you adore watch you play with robots.

    A letter from four-year-old Bennet has found its place in Internet stardom this week, as his letter was shared shared on Reddit and was quickly shared on social media and via news outlets around the world. Bennet dictated the letter, which his mother Jennifer Skinner typed for him, as a means of inviting over his friend Baily, also age 4.

    The note, in its entirety:


    Will you please come to my house? Let's play together, I think you are pretty like a horse or a ladybug. I'm not sure which. You should come to my house and eat cheeses with me. I love you and I lost a tooth last night. I think I would like to do a magic trick for you and then let you watch me battle robots.



    In an interview with Buzzfeed, Skinner says that the attention Bennet has been receiving over the letter has been quite welcome, as he's been battling cancer

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  • Photos from Slut Walk in New York, Saturday, October 1, 2011 (<a href= target=_blank>David Shankbone/Flickr</a>)

    For over a week now, Twitter feeds and Facebook walls have been flooded with the latest in the ongoing saga of Jian Ghomeshi and the women he allegedly assaulted. Since the Toronto Star published a story on Oct. 26 with accusations from three women that Ghomeshi had assaulted them, several more, both named and anonymously, have stepped forwards with their own allegations. That in turn has been followed by a deluge of women who have shared their own, unrelated stories of assault.

    In the wake of the scandal, hashtags like #BeenRapedNeverReported have appeared online, with thousands of women sharing their own, often heartbreaking accounts of sexual assault that have never been taken to the police.

    But why now? Why did it take the firing and ostracizing of Jian Ghomeshi to prompt so many women to come forward with their own stories?

    The question is understandably a complex one, and in reality, the Ghomeshi scandal came at a time when the sexual assault of women is a particularly charged

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  • CBC personality Jian Ghomeshi is photographed in Toronto, July 3, 2012. (The Globe and Mail)CBC personality Jian Ghomeshi is photographed in Toronto, July 3, 2012. (The Globe and Mail)

    There’s ample discussion today about former CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi, his departure from the CBC, a statement he released saying that his firing was due to his sexual preferences, and a Toronto Star article that attributes anonymous sources saying what Ghomeshi did was abuse.

    As there are currently no reports in to police, or cases before the court (although Ghomeshi filed a lawsuit today against the CBC for $55 million for “breach of confidence and bad faith”), this isn’t the time or place to discuss the veracity of Ghomeshi or the alleged victims’ claims, as many questions about what happened between Ghomeshi and the women remain.

    However, Ghomeshi’s explicit discussion of BDSM (referring to bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism in sexual activities) has brought an oft-ignored topic into public discussion today, opening bedroom doors and inviting the Canadian public into a discussion about what constitutes sexual play and what is abuse.

    According to Canadian law, there are

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  • Five of the grossest surprises people have found in food

    McDonald&#39;s coffee cup contained dead mouse, Fredericton man says. (CBC)McDonald's coffee cup contained dead mouse, Fredericton man says. (CBC)

    If you think finding a mouse in a coffee cup is just too gross, you're definitely not going to like the rest of this post.

    CBC reported that a Fredericton, N.B., man found a dead mouse in the bottom of his coffee cup after he'd been drinking from it over the course of the day. Ron Morais says he took the lid off the cup to drink the last sip of coffee, and was shocked to see the small dead rodent sitting at the bottom. McDonald's says it is still investigating the incident.

    Unfortunately, it's far from the first time that someone has found an unpleasant surprise in their food. We took a look at some incidents where people seriously lost their appetites.

    Spider-grapes, spider-grapes...

    It seemed to be an innocent case of grapes, but when a New Hampshire woman poured out the bunch into a bowl, she spotted a web in the bottom of the container, and saw a black widow climb out of the fruit. What's even scarier is that this incident, which happened on Oct. 3, is hardly the first time this

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  • Amanda Brewer took this photo of a Great White Shark while on a trip in South Africa. (Instagram)Amanda Brewer took this photo of a Great White Shark while on a trip in South Africa. (Instagram)

    Students often wonder what their teachers get up to over their summer holidays, imagining all sorts of strange adventures they might get up to when not in the classroom.

    In the case of Amanda Brewer, her students have photographic proof that her vacation was awesome.

    A photo that the New Jersey elementary school art teacher took on her trip to South Africa has piqued the interest of many people online, as the stunning shot captures an up-close look at the shark that not many amateur photographers are lucky enough to get.

    Brewer was working as a volunteer this summer with eco-tourism and animal conservation group White Shark Africa in South Africa. The photo, which racked up thousands of likes and comments on her Instagram account, was taken using a GoPro camera.

    [ More Buzz: Move over, Nutella — spreadable beer is here ]

    “I bought the camera right before I left for the trip, and had no expectations at all,” Brewer told TIME. “It was the perfect moment, and the camera is so easy to use

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