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  • Passenger helps land 737 after pilot suffers heart attack

    Capt. Mark Gongol, 13th Air Support Operations Squadron assistant director.Capt. Mark Gongol, 13th Air Support Operations Squadron assistant director.

    "Does anyone know how to fly a plane?"

    It's the last thing you want to hear your flight attendant announce over the plane's loudspeaker, but that's exactly what happened on United Flight 1637 on Dec. 30.

    Luckily for the 155 passengers and six crew members aboard that flight, the answer was yes.

    Capt. Mark Gongol, a member of the U.S. Air Force operating out of Fort Carson, was on board the plane with his wife and daughters, returning from holidays after visiting family in Des Moines, Iowa. Gongol told Air Force Space Command in his first interview since the incident that about half an hour into the flight, Gongol said he became aware of the plane's engines powering down, and the aircraft began to descend and veer to the right.

    "Over the public address system, a flight attendant asked if there was a doctor on board the plane," Gongol told AFSC. "A few more calls went out for medical professionals and the flight attendants were all hurrying to first class with their beverage carts and a

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  • Hunter Samworth, 7, is a fan of his local minor league baseball team the Dayton Dragons, and is a particularly big fan of their mascot, Heater.

    He also happens to be deaf, and relies on sign language and cochlear hearing aids to communicate.

    Last week, Hunter attended a Dayton Dragons baseball game with his parents, and even got the opportunity to meet Heater before the game. What was most surprising though, was what Hunter's father, Matt Samworth, caught on camera:

    [ Good News: Learning a second language keeps your brain young: study ]

    Matt explains the sweet scene on his Facebook page:

    Cheri [Hunter's mother] told Hunter, verbally and in sign, to tell Heater "nice to meet you!" All of the sudden all three of us were taken by surprise when Heater started signing to Hunter!! Not his escort (who also is an ASL interpreter) but Heater the Dragons mascot!! Hats off to Paul and Heater for lifting us up on Saturday night. You both gave us all a moment we will never forget!!

    In an

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  • At some point, we’ve all thought how handy it would be to know another language, either to make travel easier or to better communicate with people at home. Now, you can add keeping your brain young to the list of good reasons for learning another language.

    A study from the University of Edinburgh shows that learning a new language can actually help your brain keep its youthful figure, supporting claims from an earlier study suggesting that learning a second language can help delay dementia.

    Unlike the dementia study, however, this latest research sought to discover if learning a second language could help to improve cognitive function, or if people who already had high cognitive function were the ones more likely to become bilingual, the BBC reports.

    Based on the results of the test, the language learners – both those who learned languages before the age of 18 and after – showed improved cognitive function from their baseline test after having learned another language.

    [ Related:

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  • It's a bittersweet tale for a real-life 'Bambi,' rescued by a Tri Lake Animal Hospital in Lake County, B.C. The doe, who has been nicknamed 'Jane Doe' and 'Jon Fawn Jovi,' was found by workers at the animal hospital huddled next to her deceased mother.

    But since that day, Jane Doe's fortunes have turned around. The Tri Lake Animal Hospital has been nursing her back to health, and doing the best job they can in place of a mother's care. They've been feeding her with first-day goat's milk, to ensure she gets all the nutrients she would have otherwise got from nursing from her mother.

    "We found some goat colostrum [first milk] from a couple of our clients," Linda Kaplan, a veterinarian with Tri Lake, told CBC. "It starts the immune system working right away. And goat milk is a good supplement, so we've actually tracked down quite a bit of goat milk."

    The fawn is now three days old, and seems to be doing well. The animal hospital is giving her medication to stave off infection, and while

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  • This is the third review in our mini-series 'Battle of the Bands,' comparing some of the most popular fitness bands available in Canada today. For an overview of the series, read Battle of the Bands: Finding the best fitness band for you.

    Nike has been synonymous with fitness for years, from its iconic shoes to a vast empire of sportswear and equipment. Unsurprisingly, Nike decided to expand into the wearable fitness tech market, and even got a boost from a partnership with Apple, long before the fitness band craze really took off.

    Unfortunately, all good things must end, it seems, and Nike announced it would be laying off much of its FuelBand team in April. The company says that it will still be working on the software side of things and will continue to partner with Apple, but this is the last we'll see of the Nike FuelBand hardware.

    Nevertheless, the Nike+ FuelBand SE is still on sale here in Canada, and as they start to sell out over the next few months, you may even be able to

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  • Cat comes back to owner three months after riding the rails

    It's a story that would make Homeward Bound's feline heroine Sassy proud: After presumably disappearing onto a train in February, Rupert the ginger-haired cat has found his way home.

    When he's not off having (what I can presume are) fabulous adventures, Rupert resides in West Melbourne with his owner Bec Gilchrist. He escaped from Gilchrist's backyard on February 18.

    Gilchrist put up posters and sent 200 letters to her neighbours in hopes of finding the two-year-old cat, but to no avail. After three months with no trace of Rupert, Gilchrist began to give up hope of ever finding him.

    But her Dalmatian, Poppy, seemed significantly more optimistic about one day reuniting with her companion. During daily walks, Poppy would drag Gilchrist to the train station near their home.

    Then last week, while driving along, Gilchrist received a call from a Latrobe Valley town -- about a two-hour drive from Melbourne -- telling her that Rupert had been found. Workers at the pound Rupert was brought to

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  • This is the second review in our mini-series 'Battle of the Bands,' comparing some of the most popular fitness bands available in Canada today. For an overview of the series, read Battle of the Bands: Finding the best fitness band for you.

    Due to its very recent release (Apr. 11, to be exact), the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is a very in-demand device and we weren't able to spend quite as long with it as we were some of the other bands in our project. Nonetheless, I was able to wear it for a little over a week and test it out, and have plenty to report back from my time with the world's first curved AMOLED wearable display.

    Samsung released the Gear Fit as part of its lineup of next-generation Galaxy Gear smart watches, which first launched last year. In addition to the direct successor to the original Galaxy Gear (the Gear 2), they also released the Gear 2 Neo (essentially the Gear 2 without a camera) and the Gear Fit, targeted at those looking for a fitness band that has the features of

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  • Five non-crack revelations about Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford

    Bonus fact: Rob Ford is actually a pretty terrible dancer.

    It was one year ago today that the world learned about Rob Ford's most famous indiscretion during his time as Toronto's mayor: On May 16, 2013, Gawker published the now-infamous story about the crack video.

    But there's so much more to Ford than his alleged use of crack cocaine (for which he is reportedly in rehab now). Over the last year, we've had plenty of revelations about the world's most famous mayor that had nothing to do with his drug use (at least, as far as we know).

    [ Related: Rob Ford reportedly spotted in cottage country ]

    To mark the 1-year anniversary of first learning about the crack-smoking video, here are five things we've learned about Ford that go beyond his alleged drug habits:

    1. He hardly uses the Internet

    In reply to an freedom-of-information request made by the Toronto Sun, it was revealed that if Ford does have an addiction problem, it's not to the Internet, at least not at work. The report from Toronto City Hall showed no Internet activity attributed to his

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  • FitBit Flex

    This is the first review in our mini-series 'Battle of the Bands,' comparing some of the most popular fitness bands available in Canada today. For an overview of the series, read Battle of the Bands: Finding the best fitness band for you.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention I've had the Flex band for longer than the other ones we test in this series, as I'd received one as a gift in May 2013. The other three testers, though, had never owned one. One had, however, owned a FitBit Force, which bears mentioning first.

    The FitBit Force was the next generation fitness band released by FitBit late 2013, and offered certain changes over the Flex, including a more detailed display and wider band. It was well received by reviewers who had a chance to test it out, and found many fans over the course of the holiday season.

    It also, unfortunately, caused a percentage of its wearers to develop contact dermatitis. This eventually prompted a voluntary recall on Feb. 20, and thus, we

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  • Must-See Videos of the Week: May 3-9

    This week, we can't get enough of two things: Thinking about summer vacation, and adorable animals. We've got a selection of both in this week's Must-See Videos, for your enjoyment:

    Somehow, watching someone else ride a roller coaster is even more stomach-dropping than riding one yourself (well, maybe that's just me...). See if it's true for you, too, as you take a nerve-wracking ride on the Montu at Busch Gardens.

    Is there no trust in this world anymore? With guys like YouTube user Rob Anderson, it's no wonder. Everyone is just expecting the worst in this video, in which he threatens to prank them. See how it turns out:

    We've seen cupcake vending machines in New York City, now there's a fresh pizza vending machine in Sorrento, Italy. I don't know if it's technically an authentic Italian pizza experience... but it is pizza, and it is being made in Italy. Not bad for 3 Euros!

    Speaking of pizza, this little hamster named Chicken is probably the most adorable 'za-muncher you've likely

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