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  • It’s yet another reminder about how careful you need to be when signing into those web pages we use every day.

    A phishing scam, which is when you receive an invitation to click a fraudulent link that masquerades as a trusted website, targeted users of Google Docs and Google Drive last week, and has only just been resolved.

    U.S. computer security company Symantec posted on its official blog last week that a new phishing scam was out there, and it was a very convincing one, too. According to the blog, users would receive an email with the subject line “Documents,” and the body of the email requested they view an important Google Doc by clicking the link. The landing page for the fake site looked like this:

    When you compare it to the real login page for Google Docs, seen below, you can see why it’s a convincing scam:

    Nick Johnston of Symantec explained further in the blog post why this particular scam was so insidious:

    “The fake page is actually hosted on Google’s servers and is served

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  • Must-see videos of the week: March 9-15

    This week, we saw videos that encourage you to play with your food, take up a new sport, groove when the music speaks to you, and always have that camera ready because you never know what wild thing you'll see out in this crazy world of ours. So grab your chopsticks, tune up that guitar and check out our must-see videos of the week.

    In the 'science is awesome!' category this week, we see the main course in a restaurant become animated with the help of a little chemical reaction. When the squid in this dish, known as Odori Don, has soy sauce poured on it, it reacts to the sodium chloride (salt). NPR explains that even though the head (and therefore brain) has been removed from the creature, the salt acts as a replacement for the electrical signals that would normally be sent from the brain, telling them to relax or contract. Still, looks pretty freaky!

    Twin sisters Shelby and Monica Church are the kind of people you can't help but be impressed by (and a little jealous of). The twin

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  • Apple is embracing the selfie craze rather the fighting it, it seems, as they have made it even easier for selfie takers to find the perfect app in the Apple App Store.

    On Thursday, Apple added the "Sharing Selfies" category to the store, showing a selection of 12 apps that can help you capture that perfect selfie to share with your adoring masses.

    The change was spotted by Apple Insider, who pointed out that there are only a few of the dozens of selfie apps featured in the section, but it does cover a range of selfie taking needs. There are well-known apps like Snapchat, which lets you send photos to friends which are set to expire after a certain time, as well as apps designed to encourage you to take a daily selfie, including Everyday, 1 Second Everyday, and Close-Up Daily Selfies.

    The result is a thrilling montage akin to this one:

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    The list doesn"t appear to be a permanent category, just a

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  • On Thursday evening at about 6:30 p.m., a U.S. Airways flight skidded off the runway at Philadelphia International Airport when the nose landing gear collapsed on takeoff. According to CBS Philly, a tire blew on the Airbus A320, and passengers were quickly evacuated. The airport says there are no reports of injuries.

    Perhaps that’s why some people decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to share the unfortunate incident on social media.

    Shortly after the incident, photos of people posing in front of the grounded plane and images of the plane awash in Instagram filters started showing up on social media, with these two immediately attracting widespread attention:


    While no one was injured in the accident, it does raise some questions about the appropriateness of sharing these kinds of images on social media: On the one hand, these people are sharing a glimpse into their lives, which is what social media is

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  • When I was off from school during March Break as a kid, the most high tech my vacation ever got was sitting in front of the old family computer playing hours of 'Treasure Mountain'. Now, students on vacation have some much more advanced technology to play with, including the variety of digital art installations at TIFF's digiPlaySpace.

    Now in its third year, the digiPlaySpace is a multi-artist exhibition at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto, a venue which is usually the heart of the Toronto International Film Festival. Every spring, though, the building opens its doors to younger film-goers, hosting the TIFF Kids International Film Festival from April 8-21. As a part of the event, the digiPlaySpace opens its doors to kids and adults alike, giving visitors a chance to let their imaginations run wild with the aid of technology.

    Stepping into the gallery where digiPlaySpace is hosted, the theme of "Playing and Creating" comes through loud and clear: With a little tech-savvyness, you can

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  • Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar Selfie: Who really owns it?

    By now, you're probably familiar with 'The Selfie That Crashed Twitter.' Ellen DeGeneres' now-infamous tweet of a photo at the Academy Awards on Sunday night that broke the record for the most retweeted image ever, with 3.1 million retweets (so far), has courted a lot of buzz, and a growing number of controversies around it. There's DeGeneres' use of a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to take the pic, only to tweet from her iPhone back stage; there's the question of whether or not it was genuinely a spontaneous moment (I think we can safely agree it wasn’t).

    But the latest question that has people scratching their heads: Who owns the Oscars selfie?

    The Associated Press was recently granted permission by Ellen DeGeneres to use the photo, but that didn't sit well with people online. Was permission DeGeneres' to grant? There are actually a few different parties who

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  • It seems like you just can’t escape DRM sometimes. We’ve often got digital rights management (DRM) on our movies, music, and e-books, telling us when and how we can use a product that we’ve paid money for. Now, it looks like we might be seeing similar restrictions on our coffee.

    Single-cup coffee brewer giant Keurig has had a lawsuit filed against it, Tech Dirt reports, claiming that Keurig has been seeking ways to lock its competitors out of the market and prevent other companies from making coffee pods (called ‘K-Cups’ when used with the Keurig) that will work with their brewing system.

    To use the Keurig single-cup brewing system, the user places a K-Cup inside the machine, presses a button, and in minutes they have a single cup of coffee. Back in 2012, The Verge reports, the patent for K-Cup technology expired, opening up the market to anyone who wanted to develop their own Keurig-compatible cup. Now there are numerous offerings from brands not affiliated with Keurig, undercutting

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  • Must-see videos of the week: Feb. 23-Mar. 1

    Sometimes, we can't help but give in to our animal companions. The first two of this week's must-see videos show just how expressive our pets can be, and why, even when they do something wrong, we still have to love them. Throw in some human creativity, and here are our five favourite videos from this week:

    Maybe it's just me, but with a face like this, I could never stay mad. Achilles here was caught trying to climb onto the kitchen table in an attempt to get some food, and he knew he was going to get a talking to from his owner, James Hignett. Chances are good that when he walked into the room to face his owner, Achilles's approach was enough to melt any anger away.

    [ Last week's must-see videos: Fly larva crawls out of woman's ear ]

    And now, for a much more unconventional pet, but evidently one just as emotive. Gevan the highland cow was rescued from slaughter in 2013, and now lives at an animal sanctuary in Scarborough, Scotland. She's got an undeniable love for a good hair

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  • Toronto hospital live-tweets heart surgery

    (CBC Photo)Toronto's Sunnybrook Hospital has become the first Canadian hospital to live-tweet a surgery this morning, CTV News reports, sharing the details about the procedure with an online audience in the name of education.

    Starting at 8 a.m. EST, the @Sunnybrook account (or follow along in our live feed here) began posting 140-character tweets about the surgery, and photographs and videos as it is performed.

    "What's happening will be explained very simply for a lay audience, with the goal of educating the public about heart disease and coronary artery bypass," hospital spokesperson Marie Sanderson told CTV.

    You can also follow the reaction on Twitter by searching for the hashtag #SBheart.

    The patient for the surgery is a man named Lou, who turns 57 today.

    A video or other embedded content has been hidden. Click here to view it.

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  • Candy Crush Saga (Image from Google Play store)

    If you look in the Google Play store now and see the game CandySwipe, chances are you’d disregard it as a clone of the popular mobile and Facebook game Candy Crush Saga. And despite launching two years prior to Candy Crush, it’s looking like CandySwipe may soon be no more if an aggressive trademark move by Candy Crush’s maker goes through.

    Albert Ransom of Runsome Apps Inc. posted a heartfelt open letter to King Digital Entertainment, the game developer behind Candy Crush Saga, conceding defeat in the face of legal action the company has taken:

    Congratulations! You win! I created my game CandySwipe in memory of my late mother who passed away at an early age of 62 of leukemia. I released CandySwipe in 2010 five months after she passed and I made it because she always liked these sorts of games. In fact, if you beat the full version of the android game, you will still get the message saying "...the game was made in memory of my mother, Layla..." I created this game for warmhearted

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