The 6 Ontario Liberal leadership candidates: as described by them

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

Who are the six candidates vying to be leader of the Ontario Liberals and, by default, the province's new premier?

Here's an overview of the candidates as chronicled in their own campaign materials being distributed at the convention:

Sandra Pupatello:

Reported first ballot delegates: 504 (27.4 per cent)

Slogan: "What you see is what you get"

Her pitch: "Sandra is straightforward and energetic with a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life. Her passion and excitement resonates with everyone she meets. Our party needs a leader unafraid to make the difficult decisions. Sandra is that leader."

Pitch translation: "People like me, I'm charismatic and I can get us out of this funk."

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Kathleen Wynne:

Reported first ballot delegates: 463 (25.2 per cent)

Slogan: "Wynne Now. Running to govern, ready to win."

Her pitch: "I got into public life to fight Mike Harris and defend my kids' pubilc school. I'm a mom and a grandmother and I care deeply about our children's education, our health care, and a fairer society."

Pitch translation: 'I am the left-leaning candidate in this race."

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Gerard Kennedy:

Reported first ballot delegates: 257 (14 per cent)

Slogan: "It's time for us to create an advantage in this country, and Ontario has to lead. "

His pitch: "Gerard Kennedy is the most trusted, has the best plan for the economy and Ontarians feel he is the candidate who cares most about them - Forum Research."

Pitch translation: 'I would do better than the other candidates in a general election.'

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Harinder Takhar:

Reported first ballot delegates: 244 (13.3 per cent)

*Slogan: "Experience, leadership, results"

His pitch: " With a unique blend of public and private sector experience, Harinder Takhar brings practical and proven business, fiscal management and job creation experience, which would benefit Ontario in these challenging times. From humble beginnings in a very small rural and farming community, Harinder came to Ontario, Canada in 1974 with less than $25 dollars, but with dreams of a better life."

Pitch translation: 'I've created a successful life. I can do the same for Ontario.'

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Charles Sousa:

Reported first ballot delegates: 198 (10.8 per cent)

Slogan: "Vote Charles Sousa Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party"

His pitch: "This convention is about more than choosing a new leader. It's about choosing a path for the Ontario Liberal Party. That's why I am calling on delegates at this convention to vote for real renewal. Real Renewal means changing the way we work as a party. And the way we work as government."

Pitch translation: 'Vote for me and I'll give Ontario Liberal members and riding associations more power and more autonomy."

Dr. Eric Hoskins:

Reported first ballot delegates: 104 (5.7 per cent)

Slogan: "Doctor. Humanitarian. Premier.

His pitch: "I am running to lead our Party and the province because I believe we have a shared goal and a common dream - to create a strong, prosperous Ontario where each of has opportunity and no one is left behind."

Pitch translation: 'I am a doctor and I have a big heart. I'm the other left-leaning candidate in this race.'

* Harinder Takhar did not have their convention brochures available for distribution at the convention hall at press time. This text his from his website.