• Protesters shout slogans outside a flag-raising ceremony in Hong Kong.Protesters shout slogans outside a flag-raising ceremony in Hong Kong.

    “Piles of Canadians” have joined in Hong Kong's so-called ‘umbrella revolution,’ according to one Canadian in the heart of the protesting region.

    Andrew Work, the President of the Canadian Club  a social organization for Canadians in Hong Kong  says that he was amazed by the number of Canadians he saw as he walked through the protests on Wednesday wearing his McGill University T-shirt. 

    "Going down there and talking to people, these are people that never thought they would be political but they feel like now is the moment," Work told Yahoo Canada News in a telephone interview from Hong Kong. Work is also the Editor in Chief of the Harbour Times.

    "Sunday night…a lot of people said they weren’t planning on going. But they saw people getting tear-gassed and just dropped what they were doing and headed down to Central."

    The pro-democracy student-led protests, attracting thousands of people, are in reaction to Beijing’s plans to vet candidates for the next Hong Kong leadership election

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  • A family of supporters attend Ford Fest. (Photo: Andy Radia)A family of supporters attend Ford Fest. (Photo: Andy Radia)

    What do Justin Trudeau and the Ford family have in common? 

    They’re both using their image and ‘celebrity status’ to their advantage.

    At Ford Fest this past weekend in Toronto’s west end, thousands of people — many whom identify themselves as part of Ford Nation — gathered at a park in Etobicoke to celebrate the Rob and Doug Ford legacy. 

    Mayoral candidate Doug Ford arrived early and was quickly mobbed by the crowd. These people weren’t asking him about his attendance record at city hall or how he’s going to pay for his “subways, subways, subways” plan, they just wanted a picture with him. 

    There were big line-ups for Ford bobbleheads, T-shirts and other paraphernalia (and incidentally no line-ups for the volunteer desk). 

    And, late in the evening, when a black SUV carrying Mayor Rob Ford pulled in, people actually ran alongside it. 

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford speaks at Ford Fest. (Photo: Reuters)Toronto Mayor Rob Ford speaks at Ford Fest. (Photo: Reuters)

    For these people, and a growing number of voters, issues are less important than the Fords’ celebrity. 

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  • Prime Minister Stephen Harper is still assessing what role Canada will have in Iraq. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is still assessing what role Canada will have in Iraq.

    The United States and several Arab countries are continuing their airstrikes against ISIS over Iraq and Syria. 

    The U.K. parliament approved a motion on Friday paving the way for the country to join the coalition. 

    According to CBC News, the Government of Canada is also considering the option.

    "Sources tell CBC News U.S. President Barack Obama brought the idea of an air war conducted by an international coalition to Prime Minister Stephen Harper in August and asked for Canada ‘s support," notes the report.

    ”The United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Arab countries in the meantime offered to send fighter jets. With those commitments in mind and with information from Canada’s advisers on the ground, Harper decided to take the option of sending CF-18s to his cabinet.”

    On Thursday, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said at a press conference that an airstrike mission would necessitate a debate and vote in the House of Commons.

    Baird reminded reporters that the Harper government

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  • Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell (REUTERS/Blair Gable)Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell (REUTERS/Blair Gable)

    Former prime minister Kim Campbell has a bold idea to improve gender equality in Canadian politics. 

    During a speech at the University of Acadia earlier this week, Canada’s first and only female prime minister raised the idea of dual-member ridings that would be represented by one man and one woman.  

    "We shouldn’t just sit back and say, ‘Oh well, [gender equality in the House of Commons] will work itself out,’" Campbell said according to the Kings County News.  

    "At the rate we’re going, it will take more generations than I will live to see. I think we really do need to push and continue to care about it."

    Campbell’s proposed model of dual-member ridings is similar to one turned down by Nunuvut voters in a referendum prior to their first elections in 1997. 

    In that model, political parties would be expected to nominate two candidates in each riding — one male and one female  and voters would be entitled to cast two ballots — one vote for each gender.

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  • It appears that another Canadian has died fighting abroad. 

    According to CBC News,  there are reports that Hamilton teenager Mohamud Mohamed Mohamud has been killed an anti-ISIS military campaign in Syria. 

    He isn’t the first and likely won’t be the last Canadian-turned-ISIS supporter to die in the Middle East. 

    The federal government’s 2014 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada, released last month, says 130 Canadians have joined terrorism-related activities, with at least 30 believed to be fighting in Syria. 

    A Calgary imam told CBC that he knows of at least five Canadians who have now died fighting for the extremist group. 

    How are these young people being drawn-in to fight in these deadly battles abroad?

    While details are still scarce on the latest Canadian death, it looks as is most westerners are being sucked in by slick videos and propaganda shared on social media. 

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    According to the Daily Mail

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  • If anyone thought that Rob Ford’s absence from the hustings would somehow civilize the Toronto City Council election campaign, they would be sadly mistaken. 

    On Tuesday, Coun. Kristyn Wong-Tam, an ardent opponent of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, was the subject a homophobic attack in the form of a mailed letter from someone who claimed to be a supporter of Ford Nation. 

    She posted the letter on Twitter. 

    Some took to social media to call out out Wong-Tam for trying to tie the Fords to this attack, suggesting that she was playing politics.

    "Why are you promoting @kristynwongtam tweet?” one person tweeted.

    "For all we know Wong-Tam wrote this letter NO PROOF it came from [Ford Nation]."

    Another person suggested that Wong-Tam was “playing the gay card.”

    "You must be getting desperate," he wrote

    But journalist Jeet

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  • The pile-on against Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his handling of the foreign affairs file continues. 

    Harper is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday evening  his first such address since September 2010.

    To coincide with this rare event, a venerable collection of Canada’s foreign affairs community has released a series of scathing essays slamming the government’s disengagement from the ‘community of nations.’ 

    The essays, released on Wednesday, were published by the World Federalist movement, a non-profit research organization that studies and advocates for global governance reforms and democratization. 

    The University of Ottawa’s John Trent, who edited the project, says that the Harper government’s foreign policy positions have been starkly different than any other government in Canadian history.

    "Canada has had a steady policy with regard to multilateral relations with international organizations like the U.N.," he told Yahoo Canada News.


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  • Newly elected New Democratic Party MP's Myléne Freeman, left to right, Charmaine Borg, Matthew Dubé, and Laurin Liu.Newly elected New Democratic Party MP's Myléne Freeman, left to right, Charmaine Borg, Matthew Dubé, and Laurin Liu.

    Much was made   in 2011  about the ‘McGill 5.’

    This was the group of five McGill University students  Charmaine Borg, Laurin Liu, Matthew Dubé, Myléne Freeman, and Jaimie Nichols  who got swept-up by the NDP’s Orange Crush in Quebec and unexpectedly got elected in the 2011 federal election. 

    Those five were joined by a number of other NDP millennials including Pierre-Luc Dusseault, the youngest member of parliament in Canadian history, and Ruth Ellen Brosseau,  the assistant pub manager who spent some of the election campaign in Las Vegas. 

    At the time, political pundits warned that these ‘naïve’ youngsters  these paper candidates if you will  would be prone to embarrassing  gaffes and blunders that would ultimately hurt the party and their future prospects.  

    We hadn’t seen much of that all. 

    Until this week. 

    As explained by CTV News, Charmaigne Borg, 23, launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise some money for her re-election bid on the website known as FundRazr.

    As part of

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  • Sen. Mike Duffy arrives to the Senate on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Monday, October 28, 2013.Sen. Mike Duffy arrives to the Senate on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Monday, October 28, 2013.

    The Mike Duffy trial date has been set and the timing couldn’t be worse for the Stephen Harper Conservatives. 

    On Tuesday morning, an Ontario Court Justice set aside 41 days in April, May and June of next year  to hear the case against the suspended senator. Duffy has been charged with 31 counts of fraud and breach of trust, related to his expense claims.

    Also at issue is a $90,000 payment, which Duffy received from Nigel Wright, the prime minister’s former chief of staff. 

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    The case  which will be heard before a judge and not a jury  will be heard just months ahead of a legislated federal election date of October 19.

    While it’s unclear whether or not Harper will be forced to sit in the witness stand, many of his close aides may have to. The likes of Nigel Wright, former Senate majority leader Marjory LeBreton, Conservative chief fundraiser Irving Gerstein and the PMO’s legal team will likely be

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  • Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, centre left, and N.B. Liberal Leader Brian Gallant (Canadian Press)Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, centre left, and N.B. Liberal Leader Brian Gallant (Canadian Press)

    The Grits have won another one.

    On a long Monday night, marred by electronic vote tabulation hiccups, Brian Gallant’s Liberals finally emerged as the winners in the New Brunswick provincial election, ousting David Alward’s Progressive Conservatives from power. 

    The 32-year old Gallant and his party won 27 out of a possible 49 seats, earning 43 per cent of the popular vote. The Tories came in second with 21 seats and 34 per cent of the votes while the Greens won a seat for the first time in the province’s history.

    The final results could change slightly  the PCs had initially asked that all ballots be counted by hand after some discrepancies were found with the vote-counting machines. According to the Canadian Press, the Tories will announce late Tuesday, whether or not they’ll accept the results as is. 

    While the race was a lot closer than most expected, the election victory is another notch in the belt for the Liberals  a party that has been on a winning streak of sorts for well

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