• Canada geese stand near the troubled Ontario Hydro Pickering nuclear power station August 13, 1997.Canada geese stand near the troubled Ontario Hydro Pickering nuclear power station August 13, 1997.

    The province of Ontario  like many jurisdictions around the world  is slowly shifting away from the use of nuclear power in favour of ‘green’ technologies such as those powered by wind. 

    It’s expected by 2025, nuclear reactors will supply only 42 per cent of the province's power compared to 59 per cent in 2013. 

    Well, the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) isn’t taking the industrial snub lying down. 

    They’ve released a new “independent study”  conducted by engineering firm Hatch  suggesting that nuclear power is cleaner than wind and natural gas when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. 

    "Because wind farms cannot produce electricity reliably and predictably, they typically rely on gas plants to fill in their supply gaps," notes a news release by the CNA.

    "The Hatch study realistically estimated that wind farms generate only 20 per cent of their capacity, leaving gas-fired plants to make up the remaining 80 per cent. 

    The combination of wind-plus-gas generates about 20 times

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  • Senator Patrick Brazeau arrives at the Senate in Ottawa on Oct. 22, 2013. (Canadian Press)Senator Patrick Brazeau arrives at the Senate in Ottawa on Oct. 22, 2013. (Canadian Press)

    Suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau was arrested, again, and spent Monday night in jail. 

    After a court appearance on Tuesday, a Gatineau court has ordered Suspended Senator Patrick Brazeau back to rehab after his latest arrest on Monday afternoon. 

    According to the Ottawa Citizen, police in Gatineau found an impaired Brazeau in the driver’s seat of a parked car on Monday afternoon.

    They arrested him for being impaired while in control of a vehicle and for operating a vehicle “while having an alcohol level of more than 80 milligrams per 100 milliliters of blood.”

    He also faces a charge of breach of conditions for a knife found in his car.  

    In court, on Tuesday afternoon, the judge set bail at $2,000 and released Brazeau with a list of conditions including that he abstain from alcohol or drugs, that he stay away from anyone that he knows who consumes, possesses or traffics in narcotics and that he abstain from being in possession of any weapon. 

    According to reports, Brazeau will remain

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  • An Ontario teenager who held her own in a debate with CBC’s Kevin O’Leary about GMO labelling will have her voice heard in Ottawa. 

    Rachel Parent, 15, will meet with Health Minister Rona Ambrose later this month to discuss her goal of having all genetically modified foods clearly identified.

    "It’s super exciting," Parent told Yahoo Canada News in an interview last week.  

    "I want to talk to her about GMOs not being proven safe and that we need long-term, independent studies to determine their safety.

    "And finally, I’d really like to talk to her about the fact that until it’s proven safe, we should at least label them so we have the freedom to choose [what we eat]."

    Genetically modified organisms are crops or animals that have had their genes altered with DNA from different living species, so that they become resistant to disease or tolerant of pesticides.

    According to a U.S.-based organization called Just Label It, “five countries produce 90 per cent of the world’s genetically

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  • A student approaches her caregiver at a Winnipeg daycare.A student approaches her caregiver at a Winnipeg daycare.

    Next week, the federal New Democrats will reawaken an old Canadian debate when they unveil their plan for a national child care program. 

    According to the Canadian Press, an NDP government would negotiate deals with the provinces to create more child care spaces at an affordable rate similar to Quebec’s $7 a day, universal child care program.

    "In 2014, it’s unacceptable that many families have to pay more for child care than they do for rent. The NDP is determined to propose a practical plan to address the needs of parents across Canada," party leader Thomas Mulcair said in a statement earlier this week. 

    "The federal government has to be an active partner with provinces in order to help parents. After 30 years of Liberals and Conservatives promising and yet failing to deliver, the NDP isn’t waiting until the next election. In the coming weeks, we will be announcing the details of a national child care program that an NDP government will put in place." 

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  • Liberal leader Justin Trudeau speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons. (Reuters)Liberal leader Justin Trudeau speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons. (Reuters)

    Trudeau has had a lousy week  a lousy month even  and the Conservative Party is doing its best to make sure you know that. 

    As has been widely reported, Trudeau has fumbled and mumbled his way through the debate over Canada’s combat mission in Iraq. 

    It started a couple of weeks ago with his party’s flip-flopping on the issue. 

    The Liberals had hoped Trudeau’s troubles had climaxed last Thursday when, during a Q&A, Trudeau inappropriately said that Canada can do better than “trying to whip out our CF-18’s” and show the international community “how big they are.”

    Things got worse, however, with some intense media criticism and a cadre of senior Liberals  including current MP Irwin Cotler and former cabinet ministers Lloyd Axworthy and Ujjal Dosanjh  publicly disagreeing with the party’s stance not to support the airstrikes. 

    And along the way, the Tories hav been providing some creative commentary via social media. 

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  • Prime Minister Harper wears a headdress after being made an honourary chief of the Blood tribe. (CP)Prime Minister Harper wears a headdress after being made an honourary chief of the Blood tribe. (CP)

    It has all the makings of a first-rate reality television show.

    A B.C. First Nation community has penned a letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper asking him to spend one week living among them on their reserve. 

    The letter by the Cheam Indian Band, obtained by Yahoo Canada News, claims that the visit would strengthen the relationship between the Government of Canada and its indigenous populations:

    This would provide an opportunity to get to know our community, develop an understanding of how we govern, learn about our cultural life and see the steps that Cheam is taking in health, land, economic development and other important matters."

    This could be an historic and memorable event to add to the positive steps already taken by your office. We see this as an opportunity to reconcile relations between the Canadian government, the people of Canada and the indigenous nations of Canada.

    The invite was inspired by Australian prime minister Tony Abbott’s vow to spend one week a year

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  • Justin Trudeau In over his head adJustin Trudeau In over his head ad

    Gaffe-prone politicians be warned — the Conservative Party wants to pounce on your words. 

    According to CTV News, the Harper government has a plan to change copyright laws allowing political parties to use broadcast news content in their negative ads, for free, and without the authorization of the broadcaster. 

    So, for example, if someone like — let’s say — Justin Trudeau says something dumb in a television or radio interview, the Tories will be able to use that footage in their negative political ads. 

    The new rules, according to CTV, will be pushed through in an omnibus budget bill later this Fall.

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    Not surprisingly, the Liberals are angry. 

    "Such unethical activity is explicitly illegal under current Canadian law. It constitutes theft of the intellectual property of news organizations produced for journalistic purposes, not partisan advertising. To eliminate that important distinction would blur

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  • Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper tours a research lab in Montreal.Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper tours a research lab in Montreal.

    There’s been a lot chatter over the past several years about the Harper government being secretive and antagonistic with the media. 

    One of the things that gets a lot of attention are the allegations  from the opposition parties, from federal scientists and from the media  that the Tories are muzzling scientists, presumably as a means to hide information to further their oil-based agenda.

    Well, a new report penned by the Evidence For Democracy supports that narrative. 

    The report’s authors looked at 16 federal departments and came to the conclusion that “government media policies do not support open and timely communication between scientists and journalists.”

    The worst department, according to the report, was Natural Resources Canada:

    "NRCan policies emphasize message control and place restrictions on who may interact with the media. Media relations will develop messages together with the spokesperson and communications managers; approval is then required from the Minister’s

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  • PM Harper rises in the House of Commons to vote for an air combat mission against ISIS on Tuesday. (CP)PM Harper rises in the House of Commons to vote for an air combat mission against ISIS on Tuesday. (CP)

    The official House of Commons debate over Canada’s mission to Iraq ended on Tuesday evening with the Conservative majority voting to join the U.S.-led airstrikes against ISIS. 

    The NDP voted against the motion citing a lack of clarity and no U.N or NATO resolution backing the mission. The Liberals, like the NDP, touted a more humanitarian role. 

    The question now turns to how those two parties should proceed. 

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    The fact that Parliament is divided about going to war is a rarity in Canadian history.

    According to Duncan Cameron, the President of the left-wing online newspaper Rabble.ca, “Canada has not sent military into a war zone without support from the Official Opposition party in the House of Commons” ever before.

    "In World Wars I and II, Korea, all UN missions, the first Iraq war (1993), Afghanistan, and Libya," he wrote, "Canadian military action had bipartisan support. " 

    Internationally, there’s an

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  • Anti-abortion protesters place signs in a pile during the National March for Life on Parliament Hill. (Reuters)Anti-abortion protesters place signs in a pile during the National March for Life on Parliament Hill. (Reuters)

    An Alberta-based anti-abortion group is making no apologies for once again distributing graphic flyers in Calgary that were apparently seen and handled by young children.

    According to Metro News, some residents of a Calgary neighbourhood are fuming after some of their sons and daughters  including a large number at a daycare centre  picked up the postcard which included a Photoshopped image of Tory MP Michelle Rempel smiling over a gruesome image of a bloody fetus.

    "Politician Michelle Rempel supports abortion," notes the card produced and hand-delivered by the Canadian Centre for Bio Ethical Reform (CCBR).

    "And she wants to be your MP."

    We’re showing people what abortion looks like so they realize that what we’re talking about is a real human being that is being victimized. We’ve seen a tremendous response in that regard.
    —Jonathon Van Maren, Canadian Centre for Bio Ethical Reform

    The CCBR’s Jonathon Van Maren is adamant that his group, which has distributed over 300,000 of

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