B.C. election campaign going to the dogs: candidate introduces dog signs

Andy Radia
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Throughout the country, we're starting to see an increasing number of electoral ridings which primarily consist of apartments and condos.

So how does a candidate campaign — in such a riding — where he can't put up lawn signs and can't even get into the buildings to 'door-knock.'

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Matt Toner, an NDP candidate for the upcoming provincial election in British Columbia, has a unique idea: dog signs.

Toner, who is running in the downtown Vancouver riding of False Creek, is giving away orange dog jackets with the NDP logo and his name written on them.

He said he came up with the idea last summer.

"This is a riding without lawn signs. There are no lawns to put signs on. So it comes to how do you reach these people," Toner told Yahoo! Canada News.

"I live downtown, I live in these buildings and the only time I see my neighbours is when I'm out walking my dog."

False Creek and especially the trendy neighbourhood of Yaletown — where Toner lives — is known for its's higher than average dog population.

Toner says that said that his team has given away about 30 jackets over the weekend and, today, is fielding a lot of requests for them.

"It's kind of fun thing," he says. "It's a pretty good way of getting attention."

Toner will need all the attention he can get from his "animal ambassadors." The political neophyte, who works as a digital media expert, is running against against former Vancouver Mayor Sam Sullivan.

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The election will be held on May 14th.

(Photo courtesy of Matt Toner's Facebook page)

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