B.C. Liberals go in ‘the gutter’ with new YouTube attack video

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The B.C. Liberals have upped the ante with a brand new YouTube video that is downright...well strategically brilliant.

The Liberals are taking aim at NDP leader Adrian Dix for a somewhat peculiar comment during last week's B.C. leaders' debate.

During the debate, Dix was asked about the time when, as Premier Glen Clark's Chief of Staff in the 1990s, he was caught backdating a memo in regard to a police investigation into the distribution of provincial casino licenses.

At the debate Dix responded: "It was my responsibility, it was my mistake. I take responsibility and have ever since. I was 35 years old."

It was peculiar because at 35 Dix was no spring chicken.

On Wednesday, the Liberals released this video:

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A spokesperson for the Liberals told Yahoo! that the video is only for YouTube and will not be aired on television or radio.

In response to the video, NDP MLA Shane Simpson told CKNW radio that the Liberals have been "in the gutter" throughout the campaign.

"It's nothing but a red herring," he said.

"People want to talk about issues and they want an explanation that they have never got on the HST, they want an explanation they have never got on Basi-Virk, and they want some truth about the state of the economy and about the Liberal plans moving forward. They offered people absolutely nothing but some vague promise about LNG."

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While the Liberals may be going into "the gutter" with this ad, it appears that 'going negative' has been working for the B.C. Liberals.

Polls indicate that Christy Clark's party has closed the proverbial gap between her Liberals and the NDP since the beginning of the campaign. With less than a week left before the election, Liberals are now 8 points behind the NDP compared to a 14 to 18 point gap just a couple of weeks ago.

Expect the Liberals to make more visits to the "gutter" before it's all said and done.

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