B.C. Premier Christy Clark criticized for Margaret Thatcher comparison

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
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B.C. Premier Christy Clark just had her 'Dan Quayle moment.'

During the 1988 Vice Presidential debate, Quayle compared himself to the beloved JFK. To which Democrat Lloyd Bentsen responded: "Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy."

On Monday, at a Liberal Party fundraiser in Vancouver, Premier Christy Clark indirectly compared herself to Margaret Thatcher.

In response to the video, there are many in B.C., today, saying: 'Madame Premier, you are no Margaret Thatcher.

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The reason Thatcher was liked was because she was a politician of conviction, unlike Clark who has gained a reputation of flip flopping and 'playing politics' to win support.

Comparing herself to Thatcher — even indirectly — on the day of her death, on the eve of a campaign seems to be more cheap political gamesmanship.

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On Facebook, political analyst Alex Tsakumis — who never minces his words about B.C.'s premier — had this to say.

Further proof that the Apocalypse is truly upon us: I actually witnessed Christy Clark veil comparisons between herself and Margaret Thatcher. Honestly, this is the most embarrassing train wreck of a public servant I've ever seen. So unqualified. Just disgusting. Comparing Clark to Thatcher is like comparing dog [poo] to caviar.

Some took to Twitter to chide the premier:

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