Are we being hypocritical about Rob Ford? What about Justin Trudeau and pot?

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There' are some Canadians who believe that there is a media bias, in this country, against conservative policies and right-leaning politicians.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that there might be some truth to that.

But these 'conspiracy theorists' standing up for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford just sound ridiculous.

The rabble-rousing started Tuesday, shortly after Ford's shocking admission that he indeed had smoked crack cocaine probably a year ago in a drunken stuper.

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Journalists, pundits, citizens and politicians of all political stripes have since been calling on the mayor to either resign or to step down and get help.

But 'wait a minute,' some in Ford Nation decry, 'what about Liberal leader Justin Trudeau's admission to smoking pot while in office. Why aren't you asking for him to step down.'

If you don't believe me, here are some of those comments on social media:

Trudeau was asked about the comparison during a press scrum on Parliament Hill on Wednesday.

"It's quite clear that Mr. Ford needs help and support," he said.

"It's also very clear that Toronto...needs to get back to focus on the opportunities and challegenges facing Torontonians. And I hope that council and the people of Toronto are able to focus on something other than this sordid affair."

Liberal insider and Sun News Network analyst Warren Kinsella — who has consistently derided Ford and Ford Nation — says comparing Trudeau to Ford is absurd.

"It's stupid," he told Yahoo Canada News.

"One favours a position on pot that reflects what most police forces in this country believe. The other is being investigated by police for using a drug that kills.

"Ford Nation is being rapidly de-populated. After yesterday, many of that nation's residents are looking for a new nation to live in."

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Another odd comparison being bandied about is the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky affair.

Apparently in response to the Globe and Mail's editorial calling on Ford to resign, Guy Giorno — the prime minister's former chief of staff — tweeted this.

Others made similar but perhaps less persuasive arguments

It's honourable that those left in Ford Nation are standing by their 'leader' — loyalty, after all, is a virtue.

But if the 'Nation' is really loyal to the man — as opposed to the politician — they'll take a step back and see that Ford needs help and needs to step aside for his own health and for the health of the city.

They need to do that instead of making ridiculous and outlandish comparisons in a laughable attempt to justify the mayor's unfortunate behaviour.

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