Bev Oda: So long, and thanks for all the orange juice

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

For the past several months, Bev Oda has been our political 'whipping girl.'

Fair or not, Canadians across the country have had a collective 'hate-on' for the former minister of international cooperation after we learned of her champagne spending habits at taxpayers' expense.

In 2006, she was forced to pay taxpayers $2,200 for incurring $5,500 in limousine expenses at the Juno awards in Halifax. In 2008, she was accused of hiding a further $17,000 in limo expenses.

And most recently, she became the centre of public scrutiny for her expensive tastes while at a conference in London which included a $16 glass of orange juice.

Well, we don't have Bev Oda to kick around anymore.

Tuesday was Oda's last day in Parliament.  On July 3, the Ontario MP announced her retirement from politics, effective at the end of the month, but didn't reveal at the time what sparked the decision.

Unfortunately, despite her resignation, Oda will continue to be a burden to Canadian taxpayers for many years to come.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) estimates that Oda's annual Parliamentary pension will instantly start at $52,183, adding up to $701,464 by the time she reaches the age of 80.

Oda's sudden resignation will also force taxpayers to fund a $500,000 by-election in Durham.

Many Canadians took to Twitter, this week, to get their last licks in before Oda's retirement:

And, to 'commemorate' Oda's departure, here's one of our favourite Bev Oda 'tributes' from YouTube.

Happy retirement Bev!