Which Canadian politician would you like to see featured in a reality T.V. show?

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

Move over Kim Kardashian. Here comes...ahem Joe Biden?

Believe it or not, there's a petition in the United States urging the Obama administration to authorize a reality TV show featuring Vice President Biden.

So far the petition, posted on the White House website as part of their 'We the people' initiative, has garnered 1765 names — out of a goal of 25,000.

A Biden reality show would be interesting — he is quite the character.

But what about in Canada?

Which Canadian politician would you like to see featured in a reality T.V. show?

We asked our 'world famous' political panel that very question.

Here are their responses:

Bruce Hicks - political scientist, Concordia University:

My choice would be a mayor of a town near Montreal (Quebec) in the hope that we would get a live version of what we have heard about at the Charbonneau Commission. Golfing with mafia dons, traveling first class to exotic locations and accepting so much cash you have to stuff it in your socks, all the while running a single story town hall staffed with local politicians and small town bureaucrats. It's 'Parks and Recreation' meets the 'Sopranos'.

Tim Harper - national affairs columnist, Toronto Star:

I would like to see a reality show featuring Winnipeg New Democrat Pat Martin and his daily struggle to access his Twitter account while a 24-hour SWAT team at party headquarters continues to change his password from their war room to keep Martin off social media.

Frustrated, our man takes to the snowy streets of Winnipeg, spewing aimless venom at Vic Toews and the other "rat whores" in the government while frightened pedestrians scurry to the other side of Portage Avenue.

Dan McTeague - former Liberal MP:

Perhaps the Minister of Finance could be coaxed into his very own reality show that parallels the surreal efforts of a Government given to fudging the numbers when it comes to budgetary deficits.

Lets call it "Money Boo-boo"

Derek Seguin - actor/comedian:

I'd like to see a reality TV show featuring young Justin Trudeau. I think Canada would see that there's at least one politician in Canada who is just a normal guy with ideas and original thoughts.

Plus, reality TV loves beautiful people who might [screw] up...He is Pierre's son after all. He's the only politician in Canada that I feel wouldn't either bore us to death or disgust us even more than we already are.

A Stephen Harper reality show would [only] give Honey Boo Boo a run for it's money in the disturbing department.