Canadians 'lukewarm' about monarchy, still like Will and Kate: poll

Prince William is Canada's favourite Royal according to a new poll.The excitement over Will and Kate's wedding, the 2011 Royal visit and the Queen's Diamond Jubillee celebrations seems to be fading in Canada.

According to a new poll — released on Tuesday by Angus Reid — 40 per cent of Canadians would rather have an elected head of state compared to only 28 per cent who would like to keep the monarchy as is.

"This is the second highest level of support for an elected head of state since Angus Reid Public Opinion began tracking this question in October 2009," notes the survey report.

The poll also suggests that Prince William is a lot more popular than his father Prince Charles: 47 per cent of those surveyed would like to see William take over for Queen Elizabeth versus only 18 per cent who want to see Charles as King.

It's become an ongoing debate in Canada.

Other commonwealth countries have already recognized that having a ceremonial monarch does nothing significant for their country’s pride and nationalism. In recent years, Australia, New Zealand, and Jamaica have all flirted with severing ties with the monarch. Guyana along with Trinidad and Tobago have already dispensed with it.

Earlier this month, Yahoo! Canada News' Matt Coutts spoke with Tom Freda, national director of the Citizens for a Canadian Republic , who suggests that it's only a matter of time until we have the debate in Canada.

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“I fully expect someday that will be addressed. Conservatives will come around to it someday because the issue of the monarchy and its future will be one that will be discussed on a major basis in Canada. It is something that many Canadians figure is a simmering pot that will boil over sooner or later," he said.

"Unfortunately the timetable is largely dependent on the Queen’s health – which I will repeat. It is very unfortunate. I don’t think any movement wants to have their objectives dependent on the health of the Queen, or anybody for that matter."

In the meantime, the Tories are going against public opinion.

In 2011, the government reintroduced the "Royal" title back into the names of Canada's navy and air force and ordered portraits of the Queen to be given more prominence at Foreign Affairs headquarters.

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And, in 2012, the government spent $7.5 million — in addition to the $50 million we spend annually on the monarchy — just to commemorate the Queen's diamond jubilee.

Canada's favourite Royals:

Q: Do you have a favourable or unfavourable opinion of each of the following people?

Favourable ratings:

Prince William - 76 per cent

Kate Middleton - 75 per cent

Queen Elizabeth II - 70 per cent

Prince Harry - 62 per cent

Prince Philip - 51 per cent

Prince Charles - 39 per cent

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall - 23 per cent

(Photo courtesy of Reuters)

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