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CBC aired its made-for-TV biopic about former NDP leader Jack Layton on Sunday night.

'Jack' was set against the backdrop of the 2011 federal election and the weeks that followed, while chronicling the political rise of the late NDP leader and his relationship with his wife Olivia Chow. And, of course, it depicted Layton's battle with cancer.

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It wasn't the pro-NDP propaganda piece that some in the media were concerned about. Certainly it highlighted Latyon's political views but it didn't ram it down our throats.

It included humour; it had elements of a love story; it gave viewers an insight into the 'behind the scenes' of a political campaign.

It was pure and unadulterated Canadiana — it's the type of production that CBC should be doing more of. Drop 'Mr. D' and 'Heartland' and bring on the Jean Chretien and Brian Mulroney biopics.

For the most part, the reviews were positive:

Here's one from Liberal insider and Sun News columnist Warren Kinsella published in the Toronto Sun:

Utterly missing from Jack is a hint, much less an explanation, for Layton’s extraordinary win in 2011.

That aside, Jack is an enjoyable film about a pretty extraordinary fellow. One who, like Moses, led his followers to the political promised land, but who never got the chance to go there with them.

Aaron Wherry of Maclean's wonders aloud if it was too soon for a Jack Layton movie but seemed to have enjoyed it.

Jack [is] a fine rendering of Jack Layton’s life, love, last campaign and final days. As much as can be conveyed in 88 minutes about a life spent practicing politics is neatly laid out.

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For the most part, the Twitterverse also gave a thumbs-up to the film.

And here's a Tweet from Conservative MP Patrick Brown

Even Sun News' Ezra Levant didn't have anything bad to say about the movie. Well, at least not about its content.

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