Peter MacKay called ‘a kind of Honorary Defence Minister’ by CBC’s Rex Murphy

Calls for Peter MacKay's resignation continue just days after the damming auditor general's report into the F-35 procurement process.

Analysts from the left-leaning Toronto Star all the way to the Conservative-friendly National Post have suggested our defence minister step-down and take responsibility for this boondoggle. CBC's Rex Murphy - who many believe is a small "c" conservative - jumped on the bandwagon on Thursday with a sharp-tongued yet witty attack of his own.

"Is anyone in charge? Or is Peter MacKay a kind of Honorary Defence Minister?" Murphy asks during his segment on The National.

"He's Canada's Defence Minister — he's a big man at the cabinet table, he's next to being as powerful as Stephen Harper himself. Except when anything goes wrong. Like F-35 costs, procurement, projections or anything to do with any of these. Then he's just Peter MacKay — Honorary Defence Minister — an ornament."

Murphy also goes on to 'dress down' the Prime Minister.

"If Stephen Harper were in Opposition now and it was Liberals who brought about this mess he would be heaving thunderbolts and breathing righteous fire about 'arrogant and incompetent Liberals.' and he would be right." Murphy proclaims.

"But, you know, Liberals and Conservatives are more like twins in this stuff than either of them can bear to acknowledge."

Here is the video of his speech.