CBC’s Rick Mercer rants about Senator Mike Duffy

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

Senator Mike Duffy has been a lightning rod for criticism about Canada's Senate.

Over the past couple weeks — amid controversies about senators not living in the province they're supposed to represent — it seems Duffy has had a target on his back put there by both the media and the public alike.

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Whether it's all been fair or not is certainly up for debate. Although, Duffy hasn't helped his own cause by ducking media and pedantically dressing down anyone who tries to query him about his residency.

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On Tuesday night, it was CBC's Rick Mercer's turn to wade-in. And, while he's tough on Duffy, he says we can't really put all the blame that one senator.

"Blaming Mike Duffy for being the poster boy for everything that’s wrong with the Senate is like blaming a horse for taking a whiz in the street. It's what they do."

Here is Rick's Rant:

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