Conservative campaign manager at heart of robocall scandal packs up for Kuwait

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

You can file this story under: 'things that make you go hmmmm.'

According to PostMedia News, the Conservative party campaign manager in the riding at the heart of the robocall scandal has packed-up and moved all the way to Kuwait:

"Ken Morgan, who served as campaign manager to Conservative candidate Marty Burke in the 2011 election, arrived in Kuwait City in August to begin a teaching job.

Morgan is one of three former Burke workers known to have turned down Elections Canada's requests to discuss the Guelph calls, which sent hundreds of voters to the wrong polling station on election day in an apparent voter-suppression scheme."

It's important to note that Elections Canada has not leveled any accusations against Morgan with regards to the scandal which involved over 7,000 misleading automated phone calls directing voters to the wrong polling locations in Guelph.

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PostMedia states that Morgan has been unreachable for comment while in Kuwait and has, to date, "declined" to be interviewed by Elections Canada officials.

Meanwhile, it does appear that Elections Canada is continuing with its robocall investigation. The electoral agency's Chief Electoral Officer recently told the Globe and Mail, that they're "diligently pursuing this matter" and "sparing no effort."

"This investigation is like peeling an onion — there are many layers, including phony names, false addresses, false phone numbers, proxy servers, hidden IP addresses, to name but a few reported in the media," Marc Mayand said in September.

"But rest assured that the commissioner is determined to get to the bottom of this, and so am I."

While Elections Canada moves forward in its investigation, the Council of Canadians is continuing its court battle to overturn the 2011 election results in 6 ridings alleged to have been plagued by voter suppression.

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Court hearings for that begin on December 10.