Conservative MP compares the Liberal’s long-gun registry to Hitler, Nazis

Andy Radia
Canada Politics

Isn't the YouTube era great?

These days politicians can't get away with saying dumb things.

And what Conservative MP Larry Miller said during Tuesday's House of Commons debate on gun control - comparing the long-gun registry to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis - is a dumb thing.

Here is a transcript of the Ontario MP's comments:

"I would like to share with the House a quote from former Liberal justice minister Allan Rock: 'I came to Ottawa last year with a firm belief that the only people in Canada who should have firearms are police officers and the military.' Does that sound familiar? Adolf Hitler, 1939."

And then …

"Similar to Mr. Rock's comments, another prominent Liberal at the time, Senator Sharon Carstairs, said the following: 'The registering of hunting rifles is the first step in the social re-engineering of Canadians.' Can hon. members believe that statement, the social re-engineering of Canadians? That is what Adolf Hitler tried to do in the 1930s."

As you might imagine, Miller's remarks sparked outrage with the opposition parties.

According to the National Post,  interim Liberal leader Bob Rae said invoking Hitler's name "is to use a word of violence, of hate."

"How could the debate go this far that someone would think that this is an acceptable way to carry on this discussion?" he said after question period according to the National Post.

"That the women who are in favour of controlling arms for a variety of reasons — the majority of Canadians' public opinion — who support it. That they're somehow comparable to Adolf Hitler."

NDP justice critic Jack Harris said he found the comparison "obviously disgusting" and "clearly unparliamentary."

Miller withdrew his comments after question period.