David Suzuki event organizer threatens to call police on Sun News reporter

There was a bit of a strange scene at a David Suzuki event on Tuesday night in our nation's capital.

According to Sun News' Jessica Hume, she and her cameraman were thrown out the Ottawa tour stop of 'The Eco Tour ', a series of book launches/debates featuring economist Jeff Rubin and Dr. Suzuki.

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When we first arrived we were welcomed, asked how long we’d like with the good doctor and where we should set up our shot. When it was revealed we represented Sun News, we were no longer welcome.

David Suzuki didn’t just refuse to speak to us. He refused to appear altogether, sending a handful of hostile event organizers to remove us from the premises.

After much debate and my reiterating I would be staying to ask a question, one of the event-organizers-turned-Suzuki-mandated-attack-dogs turned to the sizable crowd, incensed that I wouldn’t leave quietly, and yelled for someone to call 911.

Hume added that Green Party leader Elizabeth May, who was moderating the event, pleaded to organizers to let her stay but to no avail.

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'David Suzuki is against freedom of press' was the narrative in fellow Sun News reporter David Akin's blog. And, in this case, it's hard to argue with him. Suzuki comes out looking bad, Elizabeth May looks good.

If you're wondering, however, why Suzuki might not want Sun News in attendance, maybe this will shed some light.

Sun News — and especially Ezra Levant — have railed against Suzuki over the past several weeks. Last month Levant wrote about Suzuki's speaking fees and his 'creepy' riders.

Here is an exact quote from John Abbott College’s Mary Milburn, in an e-mail obtained through access to information: “We have learned, via Dr. Suzuki’s assistant, that although the Dr. does not like to have bodyguards per se, he does not mind having a couple of ladies (females) that would act as body guards in order that he may travel from one venue to another without being accosted too many times along the way.

“Why females you ask? Well, he is a male. No seriously, I believe it is his way of being discrete and less intimidating.”

And here is one of Levant's recent rants about the good doctor.

(Photo courtesy of Reuters)

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