Did Tory MP Rob Anders fall asleep in public, again?

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Some in the social media world have dubbed Conservative MP Rob Anders "Sleepy Rob Anders" after a YouTube video surfaced last fall, showing him falling asleep in the House of Commons.

It seems Anders is living up to his moniker.

Three different individuals have told PostMedia News that Anders fell asleep Tuesday at a presentation about efforts to help former soldiers that are now homeless.

Jim Lowther, president of Veterans Emergency Transition Services, said he was angered by Anders' behaviour.

"[Anders] was putting his arms up and rubbing his face," Lowther told PostMedia.

"Then he started texting and then just slept for the rest. He almost smashed his head on the table, he was that out of it.

"We helped get 13 vets off the street this year, and that's what we were talking about. And he's asleep. I felt like throwing an ice cube at him. I had to stop myself."

David MacLeod, another one of the presenters, also insists Anders was snoozing.

"I looked down the table and there's old snoozy," said MacLeod.

"Old snoozy at the end of the table didn't give a damn. That just fried my bacon."

And Liberal MP Sean Casey, who sits on the Veterans Affairs Committee with Anders, says his Tory colleague has fallen asleep before at its meetings.

"This happens fairly regularly at veterans committee so it wasn't out of the ordinary," he told PostMedia.

"This isn't the first time."

For his part, Anders denies falling asleep at the meeting and says the accusations are part of "smear job" by NDP "hacks."

But both Lowther and McLeod, claim to be card carrying Conservatives.

"It bugs me," said Lowther.

"Me as a member of the same party, it makes us (Conservatives) look stupid."

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