Elizabeth May to ask the Queen for a Royal Inquiry into the Robo-call scandal

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Some quirky policy resolutions often come from political party conventions. This one ranks up there as one of the wackiest.

At the Green Party convention in Sidney, British Columbia, delegates have overwhelmingly voted in favour of an emergency resolution which tasks party leader Elizabeth May to ask the Queen for a Royal Inquiry into the Robo-call scandal.

"If the government won't call for an inquiry, our only option is the Queen," one delegate said in favour of the resolution, passed Sunday.

Another delegate said he doesn't support the monarchy but that the Greens should "hold their noses" and make the request.

According to recent reports by the Ottawa Citizen, Elections Canada keeps hitting dead ends in its attempts to identify 'Pierre Poutine,' the suspect who sent out the pre-recorded calls, incorrectly telling voters that their Guelph, Ont., polling stations had moved.

There are now doubts about when, if ever, they'll solve the politically-charged probe that began more than 14 months ago.

To date, the Tories deny any wrongdoing and have rejected the idea of a 'voter-suppression' inquiry.

So, maybe the Greens have the right idea?

Buoyed by her party's support, May says she'll make the ask.

"I'll just use the hotline to contact Her Majesty," May joked using a British accent.

"No, I think I'll just write directly to Buckingham Palace."

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