Eve Adams’ cryptic Harper tweets set political tongues wagging

Dene Moore
National Affairs Contributor
Canada Politics
Eve Adams’ cryptic Harper tweets set political tongues wagging

Loose lips sink ships, it is said, but they sure make elections a lot more interesting.

That can certainly be said of Conservative-come-Liberal MP Eve Adams, who has set political tongues wagging with cryptic tweets taking aim at her former boss, Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Adams, a one-time parliamentary secretary to the health minister, tweeted this week about a caucus meeting concerning Harper’s former chief of staff, Nigel Wright, who held Ottawa in thrall last month with his testimony at the trial of disgraced Conservative Sen. Mike Duffy.

“Harper to caucus meeting on Nigel: When a drowning man is sinking…“helping him only drowns you,’” Adams posted Tuesday on Twitter.

“Must explain position on tragic refugees,” she added.

Duffy has pleaded not guilty to 31 charges, including bribery, fraud and breach of trust over tens of thousands of dollars in questionable housing and travel expenses filed as a senator.

Wright was investigated by RCMP but never charged. He testified that he did not tell the prime minister of his plan to personally transfer over $90,000 to the senator and former reporter to repay those expenses.

Adams did not respond to requests for an interview and it’s unclear when the caucus meeting took place.

“Allow me to refresh everyone’s memory: Caucus Member, after caucus member, took to the mic to inquire how Nigel could be culpable?” she tweeted.

Adams was first elected the Conservative MP representing Mississauga-Brampton South in 2011 but she crossed the floor to the Liberals in spectacular style in February. She then failed to secure a Liberal nomination to run for re-election in July.

She alluded to an incident at the caucus meeting. Details were scant but she suggested that a pregnant woman fainted during the caucus gathering and Harper “forced everyone to ignore the pregnant girl.”

“Only 4 people standing in the room. Rest had chairs. The long working-female who fainted was pregnant. When 3 of us tried to help, screams!” she wrote on Twitter.

It’s not the first time Adams has set sights on the prime minister.

She had some harsh words for Harper when she quit the Conservative caucus and joined Justin Trudeau’s Liberals earlier this year — a move she made after failing to win the Conservative nomination in two separate ridings.

"I can no longer support mean-spirited leadership that divides people instead of bringing them together,” she said at a news conference seated beside Trudeau.

The scandal saw her fiancé, Harper’s former communications director Dimitri Soudas, forced out as executive director of the Conservative Party of Canada. Soudas was embroiled in the allegations over Adams’ behaviour in trying to secure the Oakville-Burlington North nod.

Last week, Adams called out Harper for his actions — or lack thereof — on the Syrian refugee crisis.

“Sixty years ago Canada accepted over 35,000 Hungarian #refugees. My dad was one. The Syrian crisis demands leadership,” she posted on Twitter.

“Once upon a time, Canada stood up to charismatic, international leaders like Reagan and Thatcher to denounce inhumane behaviour.”

Adams’ Twitter jabs enraged her critics.

“Does anybody respect what you say? Or want to hear you anymore?” wrote one Twitter user.

“Which party do you work for this week?” wrote another.