Harper Conservatives are still the best at raising money

They may be down in the polls, but the Conservatives are still king when it comes to fundraising.

According to the latest financial data, submitted to Elections Canada and compiled by, the Tories raised $4.86 million from the Canadian public between April and June of 2013 compared to the Liberals at $2.96 million and the NDP who earned $1.37 million.

The year-to-date number further illustrates the Conservative Party's dominance when it comes to the size of their bank accounts: Since the beginning of the year, the Tories have raised $9.33 million, the Liberals $4.66 million and the NDP $2.97 million.

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There's also positive trends, in this data, for the Liberals. Q2, 2013 is the party's best quarter in two years. Moreover, Justin Trudeau's party had more donors this quarter than Stephen Harper's party: 38,014 individuals donated to the Liberals whereas 30,437 people contributed to the Tory coffers.

The full data with excellent Alice Funke's excellent analysis can be seen here.

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The Conservative fundraising campaigns — ever since April — have included anti-Justin Trudeau literature.

In an April 23 fundraising email to supporters, Jenni Byrne, the Conservative Party's director of political operations, complained about Trudeau's about his 'root causes' comment with regard to the Boston Marathon explosions.

We need to make sure every Canadian knows that Justin Trudeau lacks the judgement and experience to be Prime Minister.

Can you chip in $5 or whatever you can afford so we can keep the pressure on Justin Trudeau?

He’s the most inexperienced leader of the Liberal Party in history – and it shows. Help us send a message to Justin Trudeau that his comments on terrorism are unacceptable."

And last week, the Tory fundraising gurus jumped on the Liberal leader's comments about legalizing marijuana.

While the Harper government is focused on the economy, Justin Trudeau has announced one of his very first policy positions as leader of the Liberal Party – he wants to legalise marijuana in Canada.

The fact that drug legalisation is one of Justin Trudeau’s top policy priorities shows that he does not have the judgement to be Prime Minister.

These drugs are illegal because of the harmful effect they have on users and on society. Our government has no interest in seeing marijuana legalized or made more easily available to youth.

Real leadership focuses on the things that matter to you – lower taxes, a stronger economy, and safer communities.

Thanks to the strong leadership of Stephen Harper, more than one million net new jobs have been created since the recession.

Justin Trudeau’s reckless ideas are not the kind of leadership our country needs.

Support strong leadership – and stand up against Justin Trudeau’s plan to bring more illegal drugs into our communities.

Chip in $5 or more today and tell us you’re with us.

These types of campaigns have clearly worked, and give the party an important advantage heading into the 2015 election.

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