Harper government’s review of Canadian history revives #HarperHistory on Twitter

Andy Radia
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Governments are always accused of trying to rewrite history. Sometimes politicians will skew the stories of the past to suit their own purposes.

Well, according to Post Media News, it looks like our parliamentarians are going to rewrite history — literally.

Federal politicians have launched a “thorough and comprehensive review of significant aspects in Canadian history” in Parliament that will be led by Conservative MPs, investigating courses taught in schools, with a focus on several armed conflicts of the past century.

The committee’s plan would “focus on Canadian history, including but not limited to pre-confederation, early confederation, suffrage, World War I, with an emphasis on battles such as Vimy Ridge, World War II . . . the Korean conflict, peacekeeping missions, constitutional development, the Afghanistan conflict,” as well as general Canadian history in the last century.

NDP MP Dan Harris voiced his concerns about the review during Question Period on Friday.

"They want us to trust them to rewrite provincial history books? Mr. Speaker Conservatives in the Heritage Committee are now trying to remake our nation's history in their own image," he said.

"The last thing Canadians want is politicians deciding what's in their children's textbooks."

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As has become common practice, the Twittersphere has jumped on this story. Under the #HarperHistory hashtag — which was first used last year when Harper erroneously accused the NDP of not supporting Canada's military involvement in WWII — Canadians are again musing about what the prime minister's version of history might look like.

Here are some of our favourites so far:

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