Idle No More organizers plan for ‘Global Day of Action’

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You might want to mark January 11th on your calendars.

That will be the day that Prime Minister Stephen Harper meets with First Nations leaders in response to the ongoing Idle No More protests over Bill C-45 and its impacts on aboriginal communities.

It's also the day that protest organizers are planning a 'Global Day of Action' with solidarity rallies in countries around the world.

So far, 35 intentional events are in the works: 31 in the United States and one in each of the UK, Portugal, Germany and New Zealand.

In the UK, activists are being asked to meet-up at the Canadian High Commission in London.

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"The colonialist government of Canada is trying to pass these laws which will be disastrous for the indigenous people of Canada," notes the event's Facebook page which has 29 people committed to attending.

"What we are now seeing in Canada is the willful evil act of European settlers stealing land from First Nation People, who are part of the divided Indigenous people of the Western Hemisphere."

One of the bigger rallies will be in San Diego where 171 people have agreed to attend a "Round Dance" in support of hunger-striking Chief Theresa Spence and treaty rights.

Meanwhile there are 27 protests planned for Canada. Organizers in Ottawa are hoping to get over 10,000 people out to their day-long rally on Victoria Island where Chief Spence currently resides.

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Here is the full statement from the 'January 11 -Idle No More' Facebook page:

To demonstrate your support for the rising global Indigenous Peoples Movement by taking action in your community with your event to run parallel to the meeting between PM Harper and the AFN.

The goal is to raise the profile of the movement, demonstrate our global presence, and give visibility to the growing momentum as a peoples’ movement first.

As only a few AFN-determined representatives will be chosen to participate in the meeting with Harper, it will be important to show that the rest of the movement stands united with one voice, that it is not going anywhere, and that we here to demonstrate the strength and resurgence of our nations.

January 11 will also be in honour of Chief Theresa Spence to mark the 1-month anniversary of her hunger strike. As well as to honour the other chiefs and elders who have been on hunger strike with her.

All nations and all people from around the world are invited to join in celebrating and affirming their support for what is happening and the need to keep things moving forward together.

What Can You Do?

It is hoped that every community will take the opportunity to organize a #J11 event or action in their own way.

There is no specific action being suggested, just simply a framework and rallying point for all peoples to stand united—to offer a strong, loud and visible alternative to the AFN/Harper agenda and messaging.

Please spread the word and organize in your community.

On Twitter, use #J11 hashtag for your event.

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