Idle No More protestors warn of ‘chaos’ due to massive road blocks

First Nations' communities are planning a National Day of Action on Wednesday, as part of the Idle no More Movement.

While Wednesday's rallies are expected to be calm, some chiefs are threatening a spring and summer of 'chaos' if the Harper government doesn't amend or repeal the changes to the Indian Act and the Navigable Waters Protection Act embedded in their most recent omnibus budget bill.

According to the National Post, one chief in Alberta is vowing to shut down Highway 63 and road access to the oil sands while another chief in southern Ontario hinted at a prolonged disruption of traffic along the 401.

"Once the snow melts and warmer weather sets in, key highways...could be blocked for days, weeks or even months, prompting what one chief called “chaos.”"

The Post acknowledges that while there's a small of militant chiefs who are making these threats, many more First Nations voices have tried to distance themselves from the rhetoric.

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One of those voices is of Ernie Crey, who is a policy adviser for the Stó:lō Tribal Council in British Columbia. In an interview with Yahoo! Canada News, on Tuesday, Crey says that those types of threats are unfortunate and not helpful.

"What I'm saying is that it's an unwise move to be saying those sorts of things when there are other options on the table for you," Crey says.

"It's a little unwise to go for these hail merry pass plays especially when the prime minister says 'hey guys, okay, you got my attention now. You're at the top of my agenda now. We're prepared to meet with you.'"

Crey added that he expects the Idle No More protests to continue for at least few more weeks but is worried that the grassroots movement has been "usurped" by a number of chiefs who should be "invited to go home, where they're needed."

Meanwhile, an Idle No More co-founder hasn't distanced herself from Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence who is continuing her all-liquid diet in a tepee on Victoria Island in Ottawa.

"Idle No More is the face of all indigenous people, all grassroots people," Sylvia McAdam said Monday, according to CBC News.

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"It's not just the face of one. We hardly have any communications with Chief Spence."

In addition to national day of protest on the 16th, Idle No More organizers are also planning a series of global protests for January 28.