Immigration minister Jason Kenney goes on the attack against Justin Trudeau

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In what might be a hint of things to come, immigration minister Jason Kenney has launched a verbal salvo at Liberal leadership front runner Justin Trudeau.

Here's a 'doozy' of a quote by Kenney obtained by the Sun News Network on Sunday.

"Mr. Trudeau is not in touch with the values or the real issues that face ordinary Canadians. I don’t really know what his background is. I don’t think he’s ever run anything.

We’ll get a chance to compare Stephen Harper as a strong and competent leader of a G7 country focused on economic growth…If I were a Liberal, as I used to be, I wouldn’t be inclined to vote for a guy who has zero executive experience, zero governing experience and zero record of putting forward substantive ideas to address the tough issues of the day…in the several years that I’ve been in Parliament with Justin Trudeau,

I don’t remember him saying a single serious thing about growth and job creation."

That is the most damning quote against Trudeau by the Tories to date — at least from a senior cabinet minister.

It's also an indication of what the Conservative talking points will be if and when Trudeau becomes leader of the Liberals: "zero executive experience, zero governing experience and zero record of putting forward substantive ideas."

But will it work?

Most Canadians already know that Trudeau has lived a charmed life and that he doesn't have a lot of experience in leading. But that hasn't affected him in the polls.

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The latest Ekos Research poll, released Saturday, suggests that Justin Trudeau has a higher approval rating — by a number of points — than both Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair.

As eloquently explained by Post Media News' Michael Den Dandt, he's also been masterful at dodging jabs.

"Here’s the curious thing about the political trajectory of one Justin Trudeau, the airhead, rich boy, socialite and bon vivant – not a member of the middle class, you know – who has all but locked up the Liberal leadership, and whom polls consistently show is the best-liked politician in Canada: He keeps doing this. How can that be, since he’s so dumb?"

Den Tandt was referring to the jabs he's been taking from his Liberal opponents but he's also been dodging jabs from every direction.

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There are two narratives from which we can draw from this: the first one is that, no matter what Trudeau's detractors say, Canadians are attracted to the Trudeau name, charisma and energy — at least for now.

The second one: maybe Trudeau is not "so dumb."

As Den Tandt writes: Trudeau is "the lightweight who keeps winning, mysteriously, again and again."

We'll see if it continues.

(Photo courtesy of The Canadian Press)

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