Is Justin Trudeau getting a free ride by the media?

Andy Radia
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In Conservative circles, Justin Trudeau is sometimes referred to as the media's 'shiny little pony.' A lot of Tories believe that political analysts and pundits are just too easy on the new Liberal leader.

On Sunday, they got some reinforcement for their theory: CTV's Robert Fife — one of Ottawa's most respected and senior journalists — has admitted that what the Conservatives are saying might just be true.

"Trudeau's also had a pretty easy ride from the media," Fife said during a Question Period panel.

"He's gotten a very easy ride."

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Trudeau became a 'media darling' during his leadership campaign. At one point, the adulation became a little too much for political consultant Gerry Nicholls who hilariously suggested that Trudeau and the media should just "get a room."

"What has amused the media's crazy reaction to Trudeau. The way they have embraced the guy and provided so much over the top coverage has betrayed their own naivety and bias," Nicholls told Yahoo! Canada News last October.

"Partly, I think, they pine for the "Good old days" when the Trudeau Liberals were calling the shots. And Justin has that nostalgic magic name."

Since Trudeau won the leadership in April, it seems the 'media' has continued its fanfare by regularly coming to his defence en masse.

When the Conservatives launched attack ads against him, editorial writers across the country complained about the negative effects of negative ads.

Regarding Trudeau's speaking fees, newspaper headlines quickly changed from an MP who billed charities and public sector organizations for thousands of dollars to yarns about the Prime Minister's office pushing the story.

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Syndicated talk radio host Alex Tsakumis says it's all part of the anti-Conservative bias prevalent in the Ottawa bubble.

"Imagine if the leader of the Tories had, in the span of sixty days, fanned the flames of nationalist sentiment in Quebec, attacked Albertans, declared a scandal plagued senator worthy of reentry to Liberal caucus and suggested that on the issue of senate reform he favours Quebec's advantage over an equitable redistribution," Tsakumis told Yahoo!.

"The media would've been knotting a noose after the first asinine gaffe. But this is Trudeau, their vacant idol. Every time his picture appears on the front page, shares for Ms. Clairol skyrocket."

So what do you think? Is Justin Trudeau getting a free ride by the media? Let us know in the comments below.

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