Manitoba food bank worker confronts Justin Trudeau on his pot policy

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
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Here's a little secret: Political parties (ie: the Conservatives) will sometimes use plants in the audience to embarrass other politicians.

This might just be one of those cases.

Earlier this week, a Manitoba resident who works for a food bank and homeless shelter confronted Liberal leader Justin Trudeau about his pot policy.

It turns out, her husband was a staffer to former justice minister Vic Toews.

Here's the exchange caught on video:

Whether Trudeau embarrassed himself or not is a matter of opinion.

Here are some of those opinions on Twitter:

The Sun News' Jessica Hume uses the opportunity to slam Trudeau on his ability to explain his policies.

"Justin Trudeau seems to show over and over again that he's not thinking all these things through. He has very emotional connection with Canadians. A sense that he is his father's son. There's a lot of sentimentality," she said on TV segment posted on the right leaning network's website.

"But I think when we see these clips, we see that this is not a man who is able to intellectually defend his ideas. Whether its...legalization of marijuana or any of the other things that he might come up with in the next two years."

What do you think? Did the exchange with the foodbank manager help Trudeau to look less or prime ministerial? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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