Ontario Liberal leadership candidate calls police over fake interview

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

Ontario Liberal leadership candidate Harinder Takhar is confirming that he called police last week over a bogus interview.

According to Mississauga.com, Takhar was fooled by someone purporting to be Toronto Star reporter Martin Regg Cohn:

"In an interview this morning, Takhar confirmed he did call in police after someone called his campaign office and asked a number of questions in a 35-minute telephone call about how many party members he had signed, who he was approaching for signatures and what ridings he was concentrating on in his run to become the new leader of the Ontario Liberals.

After Cohn denied making the call, Takhar said, police were called in, "because we were concerned about our safety.

"We wanted to know who was approaching us because, to us, it was very sensitive information," Takhar said."

Was it a prank or a nefarious act by another leadership camp?

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Meanwhile, in his article on Tuesday, the real Martin Regg Cohn said he was questioned by two police officers about the incident over the weekend.

Cohn then goes on an 800 word diatribe about Takhar calling him an "impersonator" and questioning his narrative of being impoverished when he first came to Canada.

"That compelling narrative comes as a surprise to his uncle, Dalbir Takhar, who telephoned me with his own version of events. The elder Takhar owned a comfortable, detached home on Hallam St. in Toronto in the early 1970s when he proudly sponsored young Harinder, his brother’s son, a new immigrant to Canada armed with two university degrees."

Cohn continues, stating that stories of Tahkar being a 'kingmaker' in the leadership race and being rewarded with a senior cabinet post are 'scary thoughts.'

In other words, the real Cohn isn't a fan of the real Takhar.

Here's the link to the full article.