Opposition parties set to rehash Senate expense scandals as parliament resumes

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Opposition parties set to rehash Senate expense scandals as parliament resumes

Barring any major surprises, we have a pretty good idea about what's going to be in the Speech from the Throne on Wednesday afternoon.

Thanks to media leaks and to public statements by government we can expect the Harper government to introduce some consumer friendly measures over the next couple of years: A reduction on tariffs, an airline passenger bill of rights, regulations to force cable companies to allow consumers to select specific television channels rather than paying for bundles and a cap on cell phone roaming fees.

And, of course — it being the Conservatives — the throne speech will include many references to jobs and the economy.

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While the Tories will want all that to be the focus of the next parliamentary session he opposition parties have other ideas.

They're ready to rail against the government on ethics and transparency.

They have plenty ammo. Not the least of which is the ongoing senate expense scandal and the Elections Canada charges against the prime minister's former parliamentary secretary Dean Del Mastro.

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NDP House Leader Nathan Cullen suggested that Harper government should prepare itself for a rocky return to the House.

"Boy, oh boy, he’s going to have trouble with Question Period," Cullen told the Huffington Post.

"If the Prime Minister didn’t outright lie, then he lied by hiding the truth that he knew, and he needs to account for that.This goes right to his fundamental judgment as a leader. This is a nightmare scenario for him because his entire politics rests on sound competent judgement."

As for the Liberals, they also intend to focus on the government scandals.

And, as explained by leader Justin Trudeau in the video below, they'll be "finding solutions for you and your family."

The Speech from the Throne will be read by Governor General David Johnston at 4:30pm (EST) on Wednesday.

The first Question Period gets underway on Thursday.

It promises to be a raucous session.

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