Dogged by questions about his residences, Senator Mike Duffy says ‘you will all be very embarrassed’

Andy Radia
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The elusive Senator Mike Duffy remains, well, elusive.

Shane Ross, an intrepid reporter from the Guardian newspaper, was able to catch up with the much maligned senator at the Charlottetown airport on Monday night.

The story — aside from the fact that Duffy was actually in his home province — is that he spoke, for the first time, of another residence in Prince Edward Island.

"In the winter, I live in town because the road in Cavendish is blocked," Duffy said referring to his Cavendish cottage featured in recent media reports.

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Duffy then went on to say that he was an honest person and that everything has been done "completely above board."

When pressed further about his primary residence, however, he gave this titillating quote:

"It’s none of your business. I’ve said too much already. When it’s all over, you all will be very embarrassed."

So, apparently, Duffy would rather have us guessing about his residency and expenses than explain himself to the taxpayers.

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Duffy, of course, has been under fire with regard to allegations that he claimed over $33,000 in Senate living allowances that he wasn't legally entitled to.

The living allowance is for individuals who keep a 'second home' in Ottawa and a primary residence somewhere else. Media reports, however, have suggested that the former CTV journalist has lived in his Ottawa home for many years and even votes in the Ottawa region.

Two weeks ago, the Canadian Press reported that Senate Standing Committee Chair David Tkachuk is in fact seeking a legal opinion on the question of Duffy’s residency. He has also asked audit firm Deloitte to review the travel expenses of Duffy and at least two other senators.

Ross' full article can be found here.

(Photo courtesy of The Canadian Press)

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