Psychic predictions for Canadian politics of 2012: Mulcair to win NDP leadership and more

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When it came to federal politics in Canada, 2011 was an eventful year. There was an election, a new majority government and the death of NDP leader Jack Layton.

What will 2012 bring?

Yahoo! Canada News spoke with psychic medium Blair Robertson to find out. Robertson is an accomplished psychic whose past predictions have been featured by news outlets across North America. While he admits that not all of his forecasts have come true, Robertson did accurately predict Japan's March earthquake and tsunami.

Here are his Canadian political predictions for 2012:

Prediction #1: Quebec MP Thomas Mulcair will win the NDP leadership race.

But, with Jack Layton gone, the party will spiral into disarray. The NDP will become much weaker from the upcoming infighting and backstabbing from the leadership race.

The Liberals will be the beneficiaries of the NDP crises.

Prediction #2: The Conservatives will maintain their level of support in 2012 but, at some point during the year, will be rocked by a sex scandal.

Prediction #3: Defence Minister Peter MacKay will continue to make headlines with at least three more innocent gaffes. One of the 'gaffes' will involve a female from another country, that will provide much fodder for the media.

Prediction #4: Two Members of Parliament will cross the floor to another party—one to, and one away from the Conservatives.

Prediction #5: Much to the chagrin of Stephen Harper, the prime minister will face growing criticism about his 'absolute power' over his party.

Prediction #6: Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird will adopt a cat with an extremely loud "meow."

Prediction #7: In spite of his 'promise' not to run to become permanent Liberal leader, Bob Rae will seek the job and ultimately win it. He will not, however, ever become Prime Minister.

Justin Trudeau will bide his time for power and eventually take Rae's place.

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