Ontario’s public sector unions and anti-poverty activists plan day of protest as Liberals choose new leader

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You can call it Sunday school, if you will.

A large number of Ontario teachers — and others — are spending their weekend protesting against Bill 115 - the contentious legislation that imposed contracts on about 130,000 public school teachers and limited their ability to take labour action.

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A group of over 100 of them gathered in front of the former Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto where Liberals are gathered to elect their new leader and by default, Ontario's new premier.

According to Ontario Public Service Employees Union member Edie Strachan, there will be four protests throughout the day.

OPSEU had the morning shift, the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) will protest at 12pm and the Ontario Federation of Labour at 1pm.

"We're protesting the Liberals," Strachan told Yahoo! Canada News.

"Politics is at the top of the game. We need to tell our leaders what we want and the leaders need to listen to the 99 per cent."

The protesters didn't give any suggestions to the delegates on who they should vote for in the leadership race to succeed McGuinty but did hand out a pamphlet with some advice.

"Before you vote, ask yourself which candidates have the closest ties to Bay Street," reads the pamphlet titled 'Vote for the 99 per cent.'

"Which ones draw their support from big companies? Which ones will put profits before people?"

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