Radio station fires DJ who asked B.C. Premier Christy Clark if she was a ‘MILF’

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A shock jock on Vancouver Island says he has been fired for doing his job.

In what's been dubbed by some as 'MILF-gate', radio DJ Justin Wilcomes — aka Drex — asked B.C Premier Christy Clark what it was like to be a MILF during a live on-air interview last month.

To everyone's surprise, the premier actually answered the question.

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"You know, I take that as a compliment … you know, it’s one of those things," Clark said.

"Better a MILF than a cougar."

Now, according to Wilcomes, he's been unfairly fired because of the question and the subsequent public uproar.

"I did what was expected of me," he told a CKWX1130 on Thursday.

“I work at a rock station. We do entertainment and comedy interspersed with things in our community. I don’t think it was a bad thing. I think, more the media attention is what they were angry about."

Wilcomes went on to say that he wanted to apologize to the premier for the question but was never given the opportunity.

"I wanted to do that but I was told I wasn’t allowed to say anything to anybody about anything at any stage," he said.

According to the Vancouver Province, Wilcomes will be meeting with a lawyer about the firing on Monday.

Whether he should or shouldn't be fired is certainly up for debate. But there is somebody else that is culpable here and that's Clark.

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While Drex may have just been doing his job by asking the question, Clark — as premier — should have handled it better; she should have said 'I'm not answering that, let's move on.'

Who knows — if she did that, Wilcomes could still be gainfully employed.

Regardless, voters in B.C. will have their chance to fire Christy Clark — for her inappropriate response — in May.

Update: (5:20pm EST on Jan. 11):

Wilcomes appeared on CKNW Radio on Friday afternoon and said that he has accepted a job offer by another radio station: Vancouver's CFOX.

He also says that people should just relax about his question to the premier.

"I think people need to lighten up. Why does everything have to be so serious all the time," he said.

"The whole reason this became a news story is because the B.C. Conservative party are... looking for something to attack her on. It comes down to this: whether she's the premier or not, she's a person, she has an opinion, she has a sense of humour and if anything I think that humanized her more than anything else."

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