Robert ‘Magnum PEI’ Ghiz has the better Movember nickname but trails in fundraising battle

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

With just 10 days remaining until the end of the month, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is trouncing PEI's Robert Ghiz in their friendly wager to raise money for Movember.

To date, according to official Movember tallies, Wall has raised $6,141 to to Ghiz's $3,321.

But perhaps Ghiz should get some bonus points for his new moniker — probably the best nickname in the history of Movember. According to the Globe and Mail, Ghiz is calling himself 'Mangum PEI' in reference to actor Tom Selleck's famous 'stache in the 1980s.

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"It's not the most flattering thing on me," Ghiz told the Globe.

"But being able to poke fun at himself and raise money for a good cause is what this event is about."

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Meanwhile, it appears that both Ghiz and Wall are doing better than their federal counterparts.

Members of the 'Tory Mo Bros' on Parliament Hill have only collectively raised $1,730, while the 'New De-MO-crats' have raised $4,562.  NDP MP Matthew Dubé leads the way with $500 in donations.

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Both parties have a long way to go from where they were last year.

In 2011, according to CTV News, 75 MPs grew moustaches for the cause raising upwards of $70,000.