Rumours abound that Caroline Kennedy could be named U.S. ambassador to Canada

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We already have Trudeau-mania; how about Kennedy-hysteria?

According to the National Post, JFK's daughter, Caroline Kennedy, is one of the names being bandied about to replace David Jacobson as the U.S. Ambassador to Canada.

Caroline, is the only living member of the White House Kennedy's. And, while she's never run for office or held an Ambassador's post, the lawyer and author has been an Obama-booster and even spoke on his behalf at the 2012 Democratic convention in Charlotte.

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At least one analyst thinks President Obama might now be inclined to appoint her to the highly sought after post.

"We’re lucky because President Obama puts a pretty good face on things for Canadians," a Canada-U.S. relations expert at the Hudson Institute in Washington told the Post.

"But I think Caroline Kennedy would really add to that and give us a chance to deepen the relationship and connect well."

But alas, the Globe and Mail's John Ibbiston, wants to rain on our collective parade.

Ibbiston spoke to Brian Bow, a political scientist at Dalhousie University who says that Canada and Kennedy just aren't in the same league.

"The fact that we even play this guessing game tells us something about our own exaggerated sense of our importance," he said.

"We have a hard time reconciling ourselves to the fact that we’re going to get a party bagman or woman."

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The so-called 'bagmen and bagwomen' in the rumour mill, according to the Canadian Press, are former Washington Governor Christine Gregoire, former Michigan governor (and Vancouver born) Jennifer Granholm and former Republican senator Olympia Snowe.

The Globe notes that to new ambassador — whoever it may be — may not be named and confirmed by the Senate until Fall 2013.

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