Tory senator runs away from media over Nunavut residency questions

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Another day, another senate shenanigan.

Conservative senator Dennis Patterson is one of several senators in the upper chamber being audited about whether he is a 'resident' in his home territory of Nunavut.

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When questioned about it from reporters, on Tuesday, Patterson ran.

Seriously — he ran. A grown man, funded by taxpayers, was literally running away from reporters. You can see the video here.

A news crew eventually caught up to him and he insisted that he lives in Nunavut — although 'insiders' told CTV that he hasn't paid taxes there in at least three years.

Patterson is part of the cadre of senators who claim a hefty taxpayer funded living allowance for maintaining a primary residence in their home province or territory. Over the past several weeks, however, media reports have suggested that some senators aren't really resident in province or territory that they're supposed to represent.

Meanwhile, intrepid reporters with CBC News asked each senator for proof about where they live, where they hold their driver's licence and health card, where they pay taxes and where they vote.

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Seventeen senators — including the much-maligned Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin — refused to answer, while 7 didn't respond.

"Sixteen of those senators were Conservative, and fifteen were appointed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper," notes the article.

To see if your senator responded, check-out CBC's interactive map.

(Photo courtesy of Reuters)

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