Stephen Harper tweets his #dayinthelife of a prime minister

Andy Radia
·Politics Reporter

I guess Stephen Harper wants us to know that being prime minister isn't all handshakes with Justin Bieber.

Prime Harper Harper -- or, more likely his handlers -- are tweeting "a day in the life of the prime minister" on the day MPs return to Parliament after a long Christmas break.

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Here is a sampling of the prime minister's day so far:

Later, the PMO started adding some videos:

Here's his "first meeting" with senior staff to talk about what's in store for the day:

Here's a shot of the prime minister calling Ontario's next premier Kathleen Wynne to congratulate her on winning her party's leadership:

And, here's a photo showing the prime minister working and eating at the same time:

Harper's handlers are clearly taking a page from the Obama playbook. White House staff incessantly release pictures of the President in everyday action poses.

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Political consultant Marcel Wieder says images of our leaders are designed to reinforce certain messages.

"The image makers around the President (or any international leader) are very concerned about how that leader is viewed by the public," Wieder, president of Toronto-based Aurora Strategy Group, told Yahoo! Canada News, earlier this month.

"Politics relies a lot on imagery.

"These messages vary day to day but they usually are designed to show the President as a decisive leader who projects America's global leadership. They also try to humanize him so that ordinary Americans can relate to him. That's why they show him playing basketball, hanging out with his wife and children or visiting a local burger joint."

Do these images 'humanize' Stephen Harper for you?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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