Sun News Network continues its jabs at Canada’s public broadcaster CBC

Andy Radia
Canada Politics

Those at Canada's newest right-leaning television station, Sun News Network, just can't seem to help themselves in launching barbs against the CBC.

Since the network started broadcasting in April, the CBC has become its favourite 'punching-bag.' The verbal salvos continue to fly.

Here are some of the latest Sun News team rants:

With regard to the decision by the federal government to sell Canada Day celebration broadcast rights to the CBC:

"James Moore the Conservative minister in charge of both the Canada Day Celebrations on Parliament Hill and also in charge of the CBC has given the CBC the exclusive rights to broadcast the celebrations . . . it is illegal for any private broadcaster in Canada to show you the celebrations at Parliament Hill," said Ezra Levant on his Sun News talk show.

"James Moore, the CBC's well-trained boyfriend. The minister who boasts about how much money he gives the CBC . . . has given the CBC an engagement present. $1.1 billion a year in tax money, exclusive rights to broadcast Canada Day. I think they're moving in together. I think they're going to get married."

And then, the CRTC decision to postpone licence renewal hearings for the CBC until next June:

"CBC hasn't had a licence renewal in 12 years, and argues it needs a fistful of new dollars to keep Coronation Street, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and other shows on the dial," wrote a Sun News reporter, while taking a jab against the national broadcaster's popular non-Canadian content.

"Private broadcasters, including Sun News Network, rely on advertising revenues and are at a disadvantage when it comes to budget forecasts because they can't count on guaranteed taxpayer handouts."

The subject of privatizing the CBC:

"The Canadian government used to own a gas station called PetroCanada. It was privatized. No big deal. The Canadian government used to own an airline called Air Canada. It was privatized. No big deal," wrote Levant.

"The Canadian government owns a TV and radio station called the CBC. It should be privatized, too. Set taxpayers free from the CBC."

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