The Toronto Star and Globe and Mail endorse Sandra Pupatello for Ontario Liberal leader; the Sun goes another way

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Sandra Pupatello says she believes she can help the Ontario Liberals win seats outside of the Toronto area if she is elected as the next party leader at a convention later this month.

If 'the media' had a vote in the Ontario Liberal leadership race, they'd be voting for Sandra Pupatello.

As is tradition with both elections and leadership races, media outlets will endorse a candidate ahead of an election.

The editorial board at the Toronto Star was first out of the gate, earlier this week, when they announced that they're supporting Pupatello. Among her other attributes, they cited the former MPP's 'economy first' stance and her demonstrated "commitment to social justice."

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"It’s a close call, but on balance we favour Sandra Pupatello. Of all the candidates, she stands out as the one with the energy, personality and message that will give her party the best chance to hold on to power.

After a year of lurching from one crisis to another, the Liberals badly need to change the channel with a new leader and a new approach. Going with Pupatello would be the most convincing way to do that."

The Globe and Mail is also endorsing Pupatello.

"Ontario is facing long-term economic challenges, and of the provincial Liberal leadership candidates with a serious chance of succeeding Dalton McGuinty as Premier, Sandra Pupatello understands that best. Ms. Pupatello speaks with knowledge and conviction about jobs and the economy. In her former role as minister of economic development and innovation, she worked closely with business and industry.

She is an effective communicator, exuding a personal warmth that may help her sell the inevitably tough fiscal medicine Ontarians will have to take in the years ahead."

In addition to the major newspapers, Pupatello picked-up an endorsement from the Kitchener Waterloo Record.

The Toronto Sun also published an endorsement article of sorts on Thursday. While it's unclear if this is the newspaper's official stance, columnist Christina Blizzard chooses 'none of the above.'

"Did any [of the candidates] raise questions about the cancellation of the two gas plants — one of which was almost complete and the move was announced in the middle of the last election?

Did you hear any searching questions about the Ornge air ambulance scandal? e-Health?

No and fat chance.

We saw a lot of hand-wringing over the need to balance the budget, but we saw no finger-pointing about who got us into the mess in the first place."

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While media endorsements aren't the be-all that ends all, they could help solidify second, third and fourth place support.

And, aside from the media support, Pupatello has a lot of things going for her: she has the most delegates out of all the candidates, the most caucus support and the most ex-officio support.

All this makes her the clear front runner heading into this weekend's contest.

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