Tory backbencher changes her name to Candice Bergen

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
Canada Politics

Those of you that were around in the 1990s will undoubtedly remember the CBS hit sitcom, Murphy Brown, where actress Candice Bergen played a feisty anchorwoman in the title role.

Well, get ready for the Murphy Brown jokes on Parliament Hill because we now have our very own Candice Bergen.

Conservative MP Candice Hoeppner rose in the House Monday to announce that she is reverting to her birth name: Candice Bergen.

"I rise today to inform you, my colleagues and my constituents that I have decided to return to my birth name, Candice Bergen," she said.

"I realize that many will associate that name with a popular actress but it is in fact the name that my parents gave me ... So Mr. Speaker, if you hear on the Hill that Candice Bergen is here, it's not Murphy Brown people will be referring to, it will be me."

According to the Huffington Post, Bergen's office would not confirm whether the name change is related to a change in marital status.

Oh, and for you Murphy Brown fans out there: series creator Diane English recently told Hollywood Reporter that she would revive the show if Sarah Palin ever ran for President.

"It would just be too tempting," she said.

Palin in 2016? Now, wouldn't that be a hoot.