Whitehorse community TV station wows with ad promoting city council meeting

Andy Radia
Politics Reporter
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Most communities across the country have their city council meetings broadcast on local community television.

If you've ever watched it — there must have been absolutely nothing else to watch (or, more likely, your battery in your remote just died).

The meetings often include in depth discussions about zoning bylaws, roadway easements and sometimes we even get to see our local mayor give an award to the Grade 2 spelling bee champ.

But if local cable outlets are looking to bump their ratings maybe they should follow the lead of Whitehorse's Cable 9.

Who knew city council meetings could be so exciting.

The YouTube video — flagged by the National Post — has over 47,000 views which is probably more views than any one city council meeting anywhere in this country, ever.

I can't wait to see their YouTube ad for the networks' 'Late Night Campfire' show.

"If you like the Christmas fireplace channel," notes the show's tag line, "you’ll love our summertime campfire for a late night audience."

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There was a research paper from a couple weeks ago that suggested that Canadians aren't very engaged in politics.

Well maybe we need more of this.

Maybe CPAC should do an ad like this to boost ratings for Question Period in the House of Commons?

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