Amanda Bynes Shows Love for Her Fans — and ‘King’ Drake

It was fan appreciation weekend for Amanda Bynes! The retired actress -- and cheek piercing devotee -- showed her admirers some love both in person and online.

The 27-year-old got up close and personal with at least two fans on the busy streets of Manhattan. In one photo, which the Big Apple transplant posted on Twitter, she is dressed down in sweats, Adidas slide sandals with socks, and, of course, oversize shades as she stands alongside a young woman outside a New York City department store.

In a second photo, presumably taken during the same outing, she is pictured with a young guy.

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Bynes was feeling social online as well. She retweeted a dizzying amount of messages from her followers consisting mostly of fan-made pictures of her using the many selfies she's posted on Twitter recently. Our favorites include the Amanda poodle and Amanda cat.

In case you haven't been paying attention (and we wouldn't fault you if you weren't), Bynes has been complaining recently about the paparazzi photos the media uses in stories about her, imploring gossip sites to only use photos she posts of herself.

Speaking of fandom, Bynes also showed some of her own -- to her celeb crush Drake.

After recently professing her love for the rapper, and saying something about her lady bits that we won't reiterate here, she posted a new message to him on Sunday -- a photo of the heartthrob with just one word: "King."

Drake has said nothing yet about her becoming his queen, but we suspect she'll tweet all about it if he does.

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