Watch Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cinderella in Princess Rap Battle

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Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in this Disney-themed rap battle (Twitter)

It's a princess throwdown! In the latest installment of YouTube sensation Whitney Avalon's Princess Rap Battle series, Sarah Michelle Gellar stars as the iconic princess Cindy, spewing rhymes at the brainy Belle (Avalon). Who knew SMG could rap?

Avalon's Belle, however, takes the cake with her feminist-charged rhymes ("your tale as old as time sets us back 50 years/do your chores, clean the floors/'til a man just appears" and her PG-13 double entrendres ("it's like you always choke once you get to the balls") will make you smirk. Cindy has several cute disses for Belle as well ("the beast was in the friend zone 'til he gave you his library") not to mention the updated catchphrase "bibbidi-bobbidi-booyah."

Gellar was pretty psyched for this to finally hit the Internet. Back in January, she tweeted during filming, amping up the excitement for the release of the vid.

And she asked some important questions:

She also tweeted:

And even shared an adorable photo of her daughter, Charlotte, meeting the princesses on Instagram:  

Sarah Michelle Gellar takes her daughter to meet the princesses on set (Instagram)

"My #Princess mtg the #Princesses #TeamCindy#PrincessRapBattle," Gellar wrote.

Nothing like modern-day princesses, right?